Assembled Roving E Glass Fiber Spary Up Roving 180

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  Product Description


180 Assembled Roving for Spray-up is coated with a silane-based sizing, compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and polyurethane resins.

180 is a versatile general purpose spray-up roving used to manufacture boats, yachts, sanitary wares, swimming pools, automotive parts, and centrifugal casting pipes.


Product Features


·Excellent choppability and dispersion

·Good anti-static property

·Excellent contact to mold surfaces and no rebound in small angle

·Fast and complete wet-out ensures easy roll-out and rapid air release.

·Excellent mechanical properties of composite parts


Technical  Parameters



Linear density variation

Moisture content

Sizing content







Test method

ISO 1889

ISO 3344

ISO 1887

ISO 3375

Standard range

± 4

≤ 0.07

1.00 ± 0.15

140 ± 20




·The product is best used within 12 months after production, and should be kept in the original package before use.

·Care should be taken when using the product to prevent it from being scratched or damaged.

·The temperature and humidity of the product should be conditioned to be close or equal to the ambient temperature and humidity before use, and the ambient temperature and humidity should be properly controlled during the use.







Typical packaging method


Packed on pallets.

Typical package height

mm (in)

260 (10.2)

Package inner diameter

mm (in)

100 (3.9)

Typical package outer diameter

mm (in)

280 (11.0)

310 (12.2)

Typical package weight

kg (lb)

17.5 (37.5)

23 (50.7)

Number of layers






Number of packages per layer




Number of packages per pallet






Net weight per pallet

kg (lb)

840 (1851.9)

1120 (2469.2)

828 (1825.4)

1104 (2433.9)

Pallet length

mm (in)

1140 (44.9)

1270 (50.0)

Pallet width

mm (in)

1140 (44.9)

960 (37.8)

Pallet height

mm (in)

940 (37.0)

1200 (47.2)

940 (37.0)

1200 (47.2)



Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry,cool and moisture-proof area.The best temperature and humidity should be maintained at -10℃~35℃ and ≤80% respectively. To ensure safety and avoid damage to the product, the pallets should be stacked not more than three layers high. When the pallets are stacked in two or three layers, special care should be taken to correctly and smoothly move the upper pallet.


Modified material is the product made by combining oil refining product and the glass fiber products in order to increase the toughness of its product.
Q:Fiber has the difference between twist and twist
The roving is divided into direct roving (also called direct yarn) and plied rovingDirect roving is defined as: parallel filaments and twisting and formed cluster body, no direct roving raw silk production process is relatively simple, products made of high strength glass steel products, can be directly applied to the winding and pultrusion process, can be directly used for cloth (i.e. roving fabric, commonly known as Plaid), therefore is widely used.
The production process of bamboo fiber: bamboo, bamboo pulp, crude fiber - fiber carding - spinning - textile. Characteristics of bamboo fiber fabric is: antibacterial, high strength, healthy, moisture absorpotion, cooling, deodorization, kept warm, soft and comfortable. Especially suitable for infant clothing. It is a good choice.
The horizontal one.
The materials for strengthen are Medium, vinyl type and flame retardant, vinyl resin. There are many types of materials like phthalate, benzene, alkali free glass fiber roving, knitted mat etc.: polyester resin
1 name 2 material (fiberglass) 3 types (sliver, roving , yarn, short fiber) 4 length
1, It can used for producing asbestos cut strand. 2, It can be used for producing twistless roving. 3; It also can pull into a wire for producing glass fiber cloth. It is widely used.
Q:Carbon fiber is better than glass fiber reinforced plastic
Notice the difference between carbon fiber and tempered glass. Because of the different kinds of resins used, they are called polyester glass fiber reinforced plastics, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastics and phenolic resin glass fiber reinforced plastics. It is light and hard, non conductive, stable in performance, high in mechanical strength, low in recycling and corrosion resistant. It can be used instead of steel to make machine parts, automobiles, ship shells, etc..
200 to 300 of mortar and 100 of epoxy resin will be fine. It should be added according to concentration. Construction convenient and high quality can be reported as the premise.

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