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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:JD1000


JD1000 60-80tons Asphalt Mixing Plant
1. British Parker and Germany BENNINGHOVEN technology.
2. high cost performance.

JD1000 forcing batch type mixing plant is an international advanced product at present. It was designed and manufactured by XRMC after fully absorbing British Parker and Germany BENNINGHOVEN technology. It is specially designed for the  market with high performance price ratio featuring easy transferring, installation and space saving. It takes only 25 days for installation and commissioning.   It can produce asphalt mixture; modified bitumen mixture, color bitumen mixture and its products meet the various specifications such as express way, high grade road, city road, airport and seaport. With some modification, it can also produce hydraulic asphalt.

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Q:Is the spiral pile driver still being dug? Is it easy to operate? How many people do you need?
Tengzhou Five Dragon pile driver is very good, without artificial shovel, 360 degrees rotation, six minutes can hit ten meters, diameter two meters!
Q:What is the charge of the gasoline engine in the wipe machine?
HelloThe head of the gasoline engine is not controlled1 see throttle screws are not loose2 to see if the carburetor is damaged [car problems], ask the car master. 4S shop professional technicians, 10 minutes to solve. ]
Q:Roller model!Someone opened the SEM 922?
The utility model is suitable for various compacting operations of the static pressure roller by the gravity action of the machine itself, so that the compacted layer is permanently deformed and compacted. It is divided into two types: steel wheel type and tyre type. Grinding wheel grinding, grinding groove structure light and kneading etc.. The most common application of light milling is mainly used for compaction of surface layer of road vibratory roller. With mechanical or hydraulic transmission, the utility model can concentrate the compacted part of the protruding part, and has high compaction and smoothness, and is suitable for the compaction operation of the asphalt pavement. According to the layout of the axle, there are single shaft, single wheel, double shaft, double shaft, three wheel and three axle, three wheel and so on. The internal combustion engine is powered by mechanical or hydraulic transmission. General front wheel steering, good maneuverability, rear wheel drive. In order to improve the steering and rolling performance, the articulated steering structure and all wheel drive should be adopted. The front wheel frame is hinged with the frame to reduce the unusual body sway of the road surface. The rear wheel and the frame are rigidly connected. Hydraulic control, hydraulic cylinder control steering. The front and rear grinding wheels are equipped with scraper to remove the adhesive on the roller.
Q:Amd pile driver with motherboard, motherboard chipset is 970 or 990fx?
Integrated above factors, personally think that 600 yuan less than 970 is a better choice, 990FX price is too expensive. For example, Gigabyte (GIGABYTE), 970A-D3P, MSI (MSI) 970A-G46, (ASRock) 970 limit player 4 can be, the price from high to low.600 yuan or so, 970 collocation, 800-900 yuan or so FX8300 series, personal think more balanced, small amplitude overclocking can also, completely enough.
Q:What are some of the electric ramming machine accessories?
electrical wiring box, nose, taut rope self-locking device, limit flange, junction box, motor fan, hoist, roller, counterweight, socket, support, thermal overload, wire rope, heart-shaped card limit plate and cable
Q:I've heard that the pile driver's pay is high. I want to study. Also please seniors pointing. Be deeply grateful!
However, the piling machine is not stable, but also a team together. And we're going out of town, this month, ten days.
Q:How to adjust the ignition timing of gasoline rammer
It said the valve action time and the state must be consistent with the movement of the piston and the state of the moment, and the crank shaft and the cam shaft is not in a line, they must be connected to the transmission system, (of course, there are one part is under the camshaft...
Q:What engine was built in 2006 for the Tiangong 180 Grader?
The 06 year production of the Tiangong 180 grader should be original!
Q:What's wrong with the gasoline engine, the exhaust pipe of the polishing machine?
3, gasoline wipe off the gas door, badly worn, need to be replaced
Q:Who can describe the parameters of asphalt paver in detail zy06
Capacity of diesel tank L:130Overall weight t:10.5Outline size mm:5690X2070X3590The material speed is r/min:0 to 73The feeding speed is m/min:0 to 30Vibration frequency Hz:3 ~ 42Ironing plate heating method: air heating

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