ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality

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Product Description:

Basic Info. of ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality


ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality

Model NO.:ASP5610-300

Pump Casing Combined:Horizontal Split Pumps


Working Pressure:Low Pressure Pump

Position of Pump Shaft:Horizontal Pump


Impeller Number:Single-Stage Pump

Influent Type of Impeller:Single Suction Pump

Mounting Height:Since Irrigation Centrifugal Pumps



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.
Packing:Wooden Case


Production Capacity:50, 000 PCS/Year


Product Description of ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality

Foot-mounted is applied on the pump casing and the pump is designed according to GB13008Technical specifications for mixed and axial flow pumps
ASP5610 series chemical axial flow pump includes horizontal, radial, cantilever type.
The pump is safe and reliable with steady operation and easy maintenance.
The pump is steadyhydraulic performance, high efficiency, and has large range of application. It is high efficiency and energy saving product.
Sealing can be packing seal and double mechanical seal, driving method can be directly-connected or belt drive,
Rotation direction: When getting from top and discharging from end, the pump rotates anticlockwise from the drive end. (Standard structure)
When getting from end and discharging from top, the pump rotates clockwise. (When user requests, the impeller nut is front seal head. )

Application Area of ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality

Transmit liquid that is nomal temperature, liquid that is neutral or corrosive; Liquid that is clean or includes solid particles. Especially applicable to circulation system that is for salt&alkali making.
Irrigation and drainage equipment
Sugar industry
Paper making and paper pulp industry
Chemical industry and petrochemical industry
Salt making and alkali making industry

Performance Range of ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality

Capacity Q ~11000m³ /h
Head H ~11m
Work pressure P ~0.6Mpa
Work temperature t -20~180º C



Q: Do you have self-priming pumps?

A: Yes, our product portfolio also includes two ranges of self-priming pumps: self-priming electric pumps and self-priming side channel pumps.

Q: Is it really necessary to fit a bleed valve for the boxes?

A: It is always best to have a bleed valve as the gas produced by the fermenting sewage is potentially hazardous.

Q: If I increase the power of the motor, must I also increase the power of the inverter?

A: You must select the size of converter that allows maximum absorption of the electric motor.

Q: Do you have pumps with grinders?

A: Yes, the WQ models.

Q: How long is your warranty?

A: Unless otherwise expressly authorized in writing, by specifying a longer period or different conditions, CNBM states that, for a period of twelve (12) months from delivery date, all Products supplied are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and conform to the applicable specifications. Either the delivery documentation or the invoice must be provided to prove delivery date. In absence of such documents, the production date appearing on the product label may suffice.


ASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High QualityASP5610 Series Chemical Axial Flow Pump with High Quality


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