Artficical grass/High quality raw material for pets

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1000 m²
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100000 m²/month
  • Olive Green& Apple Green

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Certification: SGS,CE,FIFA 2star,ISO,ROHS Usage: for Decoration,for Pet Coating: PP Woven Cloth
Material: PP

Product Description:


Brand Name

Like Green Lawn (Or Customized)

Model Number


Product category

Outdoor landscaping

Yarn of artificial grass


Bright green+dark green / Light green+bright   green

Other colors available


PE+PP monofilament






Gauge(row spacing)





12.5-30stitches/250px available


14700tufts/square meter

16800tufts/square meter

Pile Height




4m,customizing width available


25m,different length available



PP+non-woven, or others


Glue use



Life cycle

8 years




PP bag or other package style

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Normal packing : 4*25m/roll, 2*25m/roll, Namely, 4m or 2m width, 25m length. 

Other special size is also available. Such as 1*10m/roll, 1.83*20m/roll, and ect.

Delivery Detail:about 15 days after order confirmed

Artficical grass/High  quality  raw  material   for  pets

Artficical grass/High  quality  raw  material   for  pets

Artficical grass/High  quality  raw  material   for  pets

Artficical grass/High  quality  raw  material   for  pets


Q1. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline

and sea shipping also optional.

Q2. Can I lay the grass myself?

A: We regularly supply customers with grass to lay the products on a DIY basis. We are

available to give expert advice on the preparation and jointing techniques required. Also

please see our installations page for further details and instructions.

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Q:I bought an artificial grass online , but it was damaged by my little dog yesterday. How can I get it fixed?
That's too bad.
Q:What is the effect of synthetic lawn supply?
,Artificial turf football field of hardness and smoothness terms conforms to the development of football, natural turf football field in sunny weather, no sod off is also very suitable for football, 5,but the fly in the ointment is natural turf is influenced by weather, and prone to sod off phenomenon, can not guarantee the football in a timely manner to carry out
Q:What kind of green do you like most for the artificial grass?
Field green is my favoriate
Q:What is the artificial grass glue?
Artificial grass's third layer and surface layer for the divot. In accordance with the manufacture of surface shape of circular curls the turf, nylon grass, leaf sod polypropylene fiber, nylon yarn preparation permeable turf, etc. This layer also must use emulsion glue on the rubber or foam.
Q:Acceptance criteria for artificial turf construction and matters needing attention
After paving, sod the fold on the part of the selection of cutting knife mouth, docking, overlap, and then link with the glue, adhesive has been completed, all brush grass machine for processing, all the handstand comb grass line up. So far all process is completed
Q:Do you have any problems with laying artificial lawns?
In artificial grass products before entering the construction, first of all to the ground roughness, slope and surface appearance were detected, the error of flatness shall not exceed 3M ruler 3mm, according to the climate characteristics of Guangzhou more precipitation, drainage slope site shall not be less than 0.7%, such as roughness and slope is not up to the above indexes. You need to place the basis for rectification, in meet the above requirements, before entering the construction;
Q:What usage does artificial grass in backyard have?
If you are complaining about your grassland, why aren’t you trying artificial grass in backyard? Artificial grass in backyard will reduce maintenance costs, in particular, in line with the requirements of urban water saving. It also provide excellent rebound and softness performance, ensure the safety of kneels and skin, which is very important for your children.
Q:How to laying fake grass?
We need to pay attention to that according to the needs of field sprinkle with quartz sand and colloidal particles. If you need to sprinkle quartz sand is the quartz sand or black colloidal particles spilled into the machine, push over grain machine for quartz sand or black colloidal particle filling the artificial turf surface, sprinkle the machine at the back of the brush flat quartz sand or black colloidal particles, and the quartz sand or black colloidal particles falling fully.
Q:What's the advantage of using solid wood flooring?
(1) the strip wood floor, as its name implies, is a rectangular wooden block with a rectangular shape. It is laid on the ground in a certain direction and pattern.The strip plate of different lengths, different types of. The strip wood floor joint has the horizontal mouth and the mouth. Ping is the upper and lower, front and rear, left and right sides of the six sides of the flat wood. The utility model is a special equipment, and the section of the wood bar (according to the requirements of the concrete surface) is processed into a tenon groove shape so as to be convenient for fixing and installing.Strip wood floor has two advantages: one is the laying pattern choice; two can be laid after leveling, so the formation of the ground for less strict requirements for construction laying of parquet shape. Disadvantages are: many processes, difficult to operate, it is difficult to rough.(2) the shape of wood floor parquet wood floor is in advance according to a certain pattern, specifications, good equipment in the workshop, a few blocks (four blocks) strip wood floor after assembling, square. Some can not be painted with paint. Consumers purchase, the parquet shaped plate and then tailor shop on the ground floor (parquet floor behind with some glue, can be directly attached to the ground).Because this floor has been processed, therefore, the quality of the assembly process has certain guarantee, but also convenient construction. But because the floor has been assembled in advance, the requirements of the ground leveling are higher, otherwise, the phenomenon of warping will occur.(3) softwood flooring is usually made of pine or fir. This kind of floor is suitable for general family decoration. The disadvantage is poor wear resistance. In addition, if the drying is not enough, it is easy to deformation and dry.
Q:How do you choose artificial lawn glue?
Artificial lawn glue plays the role of lawn and joint cloth, lawn and ground bonding fixed role, is an important adjunct in artificial lawn pavement. Artificial turf glue on the market at present good quality is special. The artificial turf glue. Although the price is higher, but the cost performance is higher. Glue can also be chosen nearby, but try to select the glue that the construction team knows well

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