Aluminum foil mesh

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Product Description:

Material quality: the aluminum foil, HDPE film, HDPE mono filament

Can work: shading, natural ventilation, heat dissipation

Features: has the cool shade, water saving moisture, ventilation, energy saving, prevent condensation does not drop, furl shadow small features.

Use: this product is suitable for a energy-saving all kinds of high-grade greenhouse.

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Q:one with sauce and cheeseperhaps some ground meat, and vegetables?
make it with a ball and some bendy wire and stufff like that
Q:how can i remove body wax from cloth strips if i wish to re-use the cloth strips?
Bake them in the ovenLay them on paper towels or brown paper bags (to absorb the wax) on an old baking sheet or aluminum foilBake at a wax melting temp(250 - 350?) changing papers as needed until clean.
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Once again, this is not a poem but a pretty convincing essayYou would be a great reporterOr a columnist even.
Q:Mtx Package - Your Opinion?
mtx are notorious for the under sized magnates and small voice coils take a little time and research a better combo for your money.
Q:when looking at an engine what are the main features that are visible which classify it as a diesel engine.thanks
Your above two answers are correctDiesels have a distinct rattle sound as they idle but you can barely hear it at higher engine RPM'sThey use diesel fuel instead of gasolineYou will also see a large fuel injector pump on the side of the engine with individual fuel lines running to each fuel injector nozzle on the cylinder head instead of spark plugsMost diesels have inner - coolers and turbochargers to boost fuel economy and horsepowerIf it has a turbocharger you will see a large round aluminum housing bolted to the exhaust manifoldThe inner-cooler lowers the temperature of the compressed air before it enters the combustion chambersThe rattle or knocking noise is the fuel pump spraying the fuel through the fuel injector nozzles into the power chambers and being compressed and ignited.
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Many whole grain cereals areThey're specifically formulated to be especially high in fiber.
Q:This is what I currently have in our chuck box:paper towelsTPcitronella candlesLED lanternflashlightsbook of matchesnewspaper for firescooking utensils- spatula, knife, tongs, spoon, forksilverwarecupssun block200 piece first aid kitbowlsplatesstrawsaluminum foilziplock bagstrash bagsnapkinsbaby wipesclorox wipescard gamescooking seasoningsbread toaster- the one you put over the flames, not an actual toaster!cooking sprayscissorscorn stabberscan openerbottle openerdish spongedish soapWe have a 5 gallon water jug, it just doesn't fit into the chuck boxAre there any items that I am missing? Any suggestions to what else to add??Please Thanks!!
I would say you did a heck of job compiling everything! I am a critic of anything and everything especially in this department, so I will throw a couple of ideas at youNot saying you forgot anything, just some other things to consider You call it a chuck box, and you have newspaper for tinderThat leads me to believe you will cooking over an open fire? Bring a bar of soap, like Ivory or something similarRub the outside of your cooking pots and pans with itThis will make clean up much easierThe soot and scorch marks will be on the soap residue not etched into your pot/pan while trying to clean it upNext, I'm not sure if you are using cast iron or teflon type cook wareBring some scotch brite pads (made of plastic/synthetic type materials) that won't damage teflon, if that is what you are usingIf using cast iron or aluminum type cook ware bring SOS pads (steel wool impregnated with soap) this will speed up the cleaning process given scorched food due to unpredictable heat from fires or even camp stovesEither of these will be better than just a dish spongeNext idea to compliment your chuck boxWhat if it rains? Your newspaper gets wet? Bring some Sterno fuel (the canned fuel they use under buffet/fondue pots) this stuff works great for staying consistently lit to dry out tinder like paper or getting a fire startedAnother option is the fuel you would use to start briquets for a bar-b-queSame story, it will help you get the fire started while drying the tinder you are using for your fireLast recommendation, brink cooking utensils made of metal, not plasticThey tend to be thick, and when not watched, melt while cookingGreat list, hope I gave you a couple of other ideas to add Have fun and be safe on your trip.
Q:I want to make a casserole but the only pan I have is glassI don't want it to break or somethingAlso what if I line it with aluminum foil?
Water doesn't smell, just evaporates, but include some fish juice and yes you can expect a smell but will not affect the foodYou may find it will cook faster and if you haven oiled the foil first the fish my overcook and stick to the foilThe patting dry will have no influence or not Chetak
Q:How can I remove dried hot glue gun glue from fabric without ruining the fabric?
What type of fabric? I had industrial hot glue on a new pair of black jeans (heartbreaking!)I turned the jeans inside-out, placed a piece of paper towel on top of a piece of aluminum foil and slid them inside the pant legI ran a hot iron over the glued spot causing the glue to transfer to the paper towelQuickly remove the towel/foil before the glue cools and resetsThe jeans came out perfect.

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