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Aluminium Sulphate Powder or Granules

(Non Ferric or Ferric)

Best quality for lesser consumption

Best quality packing.


Aluminium Sulphate

Al2O3: 17-18% min.

Size: as per requirement

Color: white

Fe: 0.70% max.

pH3.0 min.

Water insoluble 0.15% max.

Mesh size: as per requirement

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Q:Why is bentonite absorbent?
Its adsorption principle and activated carbon like ~ are all very large Kong Rong, very large surface machine ~!
Q:What is the rate of making bentonite?
Instrument: high speed agitator, six speed rotating viscosimeter
Q:Ask the bentonite cat litter and pine knot by cat litter, can be mixed together with you
Matsuki Eijisa and kitty litter caking bentonite do not mix, because the two kinds of cat litter effect is completely different...... Matsuki Eijisa is also equipped with a double cat litter, make water after the sawdust powder can drain down the double pine litter, litter special.
Q:Putty powder with bentonite what are the benefits?
The main function of bentonite in coating and putty powder is to increase thixotropy and water holding and drying. At the same time, it is also a cheap filler.
Q:Waterproof characteristics of bentonite waterproof blanket
It has permanent waterproof propertyBecause the sodium bentonite series natural inorganic material, even after a long time or the surrounding environment changes, also does not occur, aging or corrosion, therefore durable waterproof performance.
Q:What do you mean by "200 eye bentonite" in the data?
Particle size of powder is called particle size. As the particle shape is very complex, usually there are several screening methods, such as particle size, sedimentation particle size, equivalent volume size, equivalent surface area, particle size and so on. The granularity is particles can be obtained by screen mesh size, with 1 inches (25.4mm) the number of mesh width of the screen mesh representation, so called "mesh". At present, there is no uniform powder particle size standard at home and abroad, and each enterprise has its own definition and representation of particle size index. In different countries and different industries, the screen specifications have different standards, so the meaning of "target" is difficult to unify.
Q:Does kaolin plus bentonite increase the strength of kaolin?
To improve it, add a bentonite that has been modified by sodium and has a high amount of blue. Can increase its strength.
Q:Can bentonite be added to cement in order to hit the ground?
Because soil and cement are incompatible, it will affect the strength of concrete. If you want to use bentonite, then do not use cement, direct use of bentonite, lime, fine stone, mixing in accordance with the appropriate proportion of compaction.
Q:Difference between natural sodium based bentonite and artificial sodium based bentonite
React naturally with acid; react artificially; react with gas (as in expansion)
Q:I am a water-based coating. How can inorganic bentonite be used?.
Sodium bentonite, 200 mesh, water activation 3 hours later, add other additives, fully stir. Available waterborne coatings
We have our own mines of bentonite, Kutch bentonite is famous in the world for it's extra ordinary quality. We have all grades in bentonite like cat litter, foundry, OCMA, API 13 A, DFCP-4, paint etc, We have our production plant in Kutch-Gujarat with in house r & d house and have well trained technical team, we can also provide bentonite lumps and granules also.We also trade in kaolin powder and lumps.

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