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Air bubble cushion sheet is mainly used to protect products from collision damage during removal and transportation in many industries, such as precise components, electronic field, PCBs, light, connector, gifts, china, furniture and so on. It is featured with fragment-free happening in traditional packing way, easy filling, and making work more efficient.
1. The cushion sheet making machine can be removed by the side of production line freely and conveniently. Upon power on, the machine will work to make cushion sheet immediately, which will not affect packing procedure. There are 15types of air bubble making arrangement. We will show you in drawing later.
2. It has good cushion effect.
Single air bubble can bear about 100kg. It can fill fully the space between inside products and outside carton wall, which will protect inside items from damage due to moving or shocking during transportation.
3. Using this kind of filling material will make cost down. Air bubble cushion sheet is composed of 99% air and 1% plastic film. In same filling condition, it will save 30-50% cost compared with other filling cushion materials, because this material contains much air to reduce the raw material using.
4. Environment friendly
Raw material and finished air bubble sheet are totally clean, which will not cause pollution to packed products. Cushion sheet can be repeatedly used. After sheet is broken, the material is recyclable, easily handled and environment friendly.
5. Easy operation
The machine is controlled by PLC process. Human-computer interface operation is easy.
6. Convenient and economical
No need to corner finished cushion sheet, which will save the stock space. The light weight will save air shipment delivery cost.

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Q:What is EPE cushioning material?
EPE is also called Pearl cotton. Polyethylene foam cotton is a non crosslinked closed cell structure, and it is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. It consists of low density polyethylene, which is physically foamed and produces numerous independent bubbles.
Q:What is the material used for earthquake resistant floor?
Product features:1, no vibration skid slope material is a kind of multi angle hardness of mineral aggregate, and Portland cement and admixture composition, using special on-site construction process.2, with anti-skid, wear-resistant, comfortable, no vibration and other excellent performance, and the design of beautiful, distinctive, strong signs.3, reduce vehicle noise, improve the traffic condition, reduce or even eliminate the splash and spray, increase the safety of driving in rainy days.4, low temperature resistance, and thermal aging, all-weather use, UV irradiation.
Q:Buffer for crane of buffer
At present the domestic crane usually can be divided into two types: one is the energy storage buffer, its form is divided into spring buffer and rubber buffer; the other is buffer, its structure is divided into polyurethane buffer, buffer, buffer, ZL composite elastic body buffer. Because of the different material and structure of various buffers, the range of application and environment are different.
Q:The stronger the foundation is, the stronger the earthquake resistance is, the anti earthquake is said
Building materials for a house. Whether the concrete mark is enough or not, whether the steel bar is qualified or not, is it important to cut corners and so on.
Q:What does "shock 1500G" mean?
The ten major laws of earthquake escape, first, for your personal safety, please hide under the table and so on. Second, turn off the fire immediately when shaking. Third, don't panic and run outdoors. Fourth open the door. Fifth, outdoor occasions, protect your head, avoid dangerous places. Sixth, in the department stores and theaters, according to the instructions of staff. Seventh, the car depends on roadside parking. Eighth, be sure to pay attention to cliff falling. Ninth, take shelter when you take shelter, and carry belongings in the least possible. Tenth, do not listen to rumors, don't do anything.
Q:What's the effect of a small round blister on a plastic bag?
This product is waterproof, moisture-proof, and resistant to compression. It is the best choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small appliances, fragile items and so on. The bubble film has the functions of shock resistance, breakage prevention, buffering and moisture proof.
Q:How to prevent earthquake disaster
After the earthquake, Huanghuangzhangzhang to run out, broken glass, roof tiles, billboards and other fell on the body, is very dangerous. In addition, the precast concrete wall, the vending machine also has the danger of collapse, not around these objects.
Q:What is the buffer time during general impact?
Short, of course. The principle used is simple:Buffer effect, that is, the greater the energy absorbed by the buffer material, the better.The same sliding friction, the rebound distance is only related to the initial velocity of the rebound. The greater the initial velocity, the longer the rebound distance.Then, the shorter the rebound distance, the smaller the energy of the car after the rebound. The smaller the energy, the more absorbed it is.The more absorption, the better the buffer material.
Q:What's the ground protection for the decoration?
1, circuit transformation, slotted as far as possible slotted.2, not slotted place must do a good job of fixed and protected.3 、 the sewer pipe should be sealed.4. Wrap the exposed threads as closely as possible.
Q:What is meant by shock proof of toughened film?
Mobile phone explosion-proof film is not made of glass material, it belongs to software explosion-proof film, the use of tempered glass film and the same explosion-proof effect. The relative glass foil to compare, this mobile phone explosion-proof membrane thinner, does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen; soft and toughness stronger, flexible, explosion-proof, shockproof, anti pressure, anti scratch, Fangshuai impact can be better, can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of explosion, the screen, the same can protect you the mobile phone screen.In the structure of mobile phone, explosion-proof membrane is mainly PET+TPU composite material and a coating layer of silica gel, silica gel as a result of coating thickness than ordinary protective film to be thick, can be decomposed by the strong force in the collision, to avoid the impact, the screen burst affect the appearance or prevent the mobile phone accidentally hit the flying hammer broken glass panel caused by mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage the glass panel, to protect the safety of users. Its surface has 3H hardness, scratch resistant flowers, through the 500g steel ball smashed the screen, did not affect the screen. Anti explosion film, anti scratch, anti wear and other aspects of mobile phone explosion-proof film, relatively ordinary PET, PE mobile phone protective film, has a unique advantage.

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