Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

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Cable tray: Cable tray

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      The cable tray produced by the company has a wide range of varieties and specifications, and has more than 30 various production lines, which has become a large-scale production base.Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

      The company has established a complete quality assurance management system and obtained ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification and IS045001: 2018 occupational health and safety management system certification. Over the years, the company's credit rating has reached "AAA", and it has been rated as "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Unit" and "Credibility Demonstration Unit in the Metal Plastic Products Industry".Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

The company is developing in the direction of scale and industrialization with a solid and steady pace. The company attaches great importance to innovation, and always adheres to the principles of industrial innovation, honest cooperation, and customer first, and provides exquisite products and services that customers need.

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

Advanced steel-plastic polymer composite cable tray

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Of course, choose the dark blue road! . a wide range of wire, a variety of mobile phone data lines, hdmi line, vga line, lotus head line, cable extension line, usb extension line, telephone line . excellent workmanship, all use galvanized oxygen-free copper technology 99.9%), enhanced data transmission surface, anti-oxidation. Data lines are also thicker than ordinary power lines, even the tie line is also made of plastic rather than tangent winding. . practical, data cable quality is good, can be used to mention the bucket, dry clothes, when skipping, hanging ceiling fan, etc.

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