ABB Original China High Low Voltage Motor QABP Series

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Can a DC series motor operated on AC supply?
If you put the AC supply on a rectifier, a zener and a giant cap it can. You would have to analyze all the components to make sure you are not overloading them. Without that no it won't work. A DC motor goes one direction with positive voltage and the other with negative. The AC supply goes both positive and negative. There is also the fact that AC voltage goes up to about 170 volts. That is probably more than your motor can handle.
Q:Outdoor Air Conditioner A/C AC Fan Motor: 1/5 hp vs 1/3 hp? Does it make a difference?
they make variable speed motors. It would say on the motor if it is it would say like 5 different hp's on it and different wire combinations to get that hp
Q:Who are the suppliers for a water cooled, 100 hp, 8000 rpm, 460 v, 3 phase ac motor?
I don't know, but this is asking a lot. Let us know if you find a supplier and something you can afford.
Q:Motor choosing for screw lift scissor lift?
Scissor Lift Motor
Q:why DC motors are always started through starters?
DC motor starters The counter-emf aids the armature resistance to limit the current through the armature. When power is first applied to a motor, the armature does not rotate. At that instant the counter-emf is zero and the only factor limiting the armature current, is the armature resistance. Usually the armature resistance of a motor is less than one ohm; therefore the current through the armature would be very large when the power is applied. This current can make an excessive voltage drop affecting other equipment in the circuit and even trip overload protective devices. * Therefore the need arises for an additional resistance in series with the armature to limit the current until the motor rotation can build up the counter-emf. As the motor rotation build up, the resistance is gradually cut out. However, if you one can produce initial movement of the armature then you do not need a resistance starter!
Q:what would happen if I connected an electric motor rated for 220volts up to a regular 120volt house circuit?
Motor torque is proportional to the square of applied voltage in per unit of rated voltage. So if you apply 120 v on a 220 volt motor, that's 0,54 per unit voltage, or about 0.3 per unit torque. It will get warm, it will struggle to accelerate, but probably won't be able to overcome friction to breakaway from standstill. Eventually, either the motor will fail thermally, or its thermal overload will disconnect the power.
Q:is it really possible for a 3 hp motor that runs on 120 ac to turn 36000 rpm?
It's entirely possible. A super high RPM motor has to be -very- well engineered. There's a fine line between power and weight, so the wire in the rotor coils might be aluminum to help achieve these high speeds. I wasn't able to find specifics on the motor in this brand of blender, but I'd wager it's geared up. Normally, a little blender motor spins a bit under 20,000 RPM on it's own, but these omni blender motors may simply have more coils in the stator and rotor than a regular blender motor. They may also have a rather sophisticated power-delivery system instead of a commutator. I don't know... After a quick google search, I found these things seem to run on roughly 1000 watts of power. With house electricity the voltage doesn't change, so for greater power needs, current goes up. At 120V, 1000 watts means the current can be measured at roughly 8.333 amps. Of course, the higher the RPM, the more power will be needed.
Q:P0480 code Condenser fan motor is hot to touch. It will run for a few minutes when AC is turned on. Could it b?
It would be a good idea to replace the fan motor. Its probably the cause of the overload that kicks out your relay which really shouldn't be happening. It should blow the fuse and probably will soon enough. The relay will also cut out when the compressor cycles which would be normal. The fan motor will get hot when running but it shouldn't be making any abnormal noises.
Q:Electric Motor Repair?
If the MFD and Voltage on the new capicator are within 10 % of the old capicator it will work....If the motor has a capicator it will ( Must) have a starter switch...The starter switch will be mounted inside the ode end bell as a general rule...The rotor shaft has a centrifugal device that operates the starter switch...If this device is stuck with the starter switch contacts open the motor won't start on its own...Grainger use to stock the switches....Don't know about now. If you decide to try to take the switch off...Be sure to tag EVERYTHING....If you have 2 leads to the capiucator it doesn't matter which wire goes where on the capicator... Be careful the switch is sort of fragile
Q:AC versus DC motors.?
dc motor has more starting torque then ac motor

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