ABB M3BP Series AC Motor

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:M3BP SeriesType:Induction Motor
Frequency:50Hz,60HzOutput Power:100 hpProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:380/660v
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal



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Packaging Detail:Plywood case & Wooden case.
Delivery Detail:20 days after receiving downpayment


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ABB M3BP Series AC Motor


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Q:What about a single phase AC motor reversing?
The steering of a single AC motor has different rotating principles according to the structural differences. The following is a reference for professional data:Single phase motors are usually divided into four types: split phase, push cabinet, hood type and ordinary series excitation type. Since the structure of the four is different, the method of changing its rotation direction is also different
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
Single motor is divided into main winding, secondary winding, main winding is working, and negative winding is started. The three motors are divided into main and secondary windings, and the three sets of coils are all working.
Q:Outdoor Air Conditioner A/C AC Fan Motor: 1/5 hp vs 1/3 hp? Does it make a difference?
they make variable speed motors. It would say on the motor if it is it would say like 5 different hp's on it and different wire combinations to get that hp
Q:is it possible to reduce rpm of AC motor with the help of rheostat?
Here's a link for store bought converters:
Q:How do I wire a 5-wire AC motor?
The yellow cord it to run the fan in a/c mode, so it plug on the defrost board the place the a/c terminal is, the black one is nuetral so it plugs on the place the uncomplicated or nuetral is and the pink cord plugs on for heat mode. those terminal are on the defrost board. you need to of have a wiring diagram in the container, if no longer then you certainly ought to work out it on the area of the motor. in case you don't be conscious of what you're doing i propose you get somebody who does. you're messing with 240 volts which could drop you ineffective in a heartbeat. good success, and please be careful
Q:theory of operation of synchronous motors?
In a synchronous AC motor a current is supplied onto the rotor. This then creates a magnetic field which, through magnetic interaction, links to the rotating magnetic field in the stator which in turn causes the rotor to turn. It is called synchronous because at steady state the speed of the rotor is the same as the speed of the rotating magnetic field in the stator. The alternative kind of electric motor is an induction motor, where the current in the rotor is generated by induction - similar to a transformer. Induction motors are far more common because they are simpler, but synchronous motors have certain advantages and are used in some applications.
Q:squealing AC condenser fan motor?
First of all, your AC condensor outside should only have the fan come on when the AC is on, not when the heat is on, so why would it be coming on when it is below 45F? Usually the fan is mounted on and directly driven by the motor. Fan blades do not usually make a squealing noise when wet. Most likely the bearings have ran dry and at the very least need lubed. That it's been allowed to run like this for a while (presumably), the bearing may have worn enough that the whole motor needs replaced. Many fans today are considered permanently lubed but that is nonsense, they just don't put a lube hole in to save money and make people buy a new motor sooner. They just need pulled out, the through-bolts removed, and disassembled like this until you have access to the bearings or the felt oil reservoir rings to add a few (several, depending on the motor size) drops of oil. Standard 20wt motor oil, or even 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, etc will do in a pinch. If you have a legitimate need to run the A/C in the winter at 45F which I questioned above, then go with one of the thinner oils like 5W20. The only time the blades should/would squeal is if the nut that secures it to the motor shaft is loose and so the blade assembly is wobbling around.
Q:how does nikola teslas ac motor work?
The ac motor requires 2 or more ac lines that are at some fixed phase difference between them. When wired to electromagnets arranged in a circle (called the stator), this creates a rotating magnetic field. The rotor, the rotating part of the motor, is basically a magnet that will follow the rotating field. You can even get an ac motor to work with only one ac line by using a capacitor to create another phase.
Q:Who knows the main difference between DC motor and AC motor, I hope to say a little more simple, thank you
As the name suggests, the direct current motor uses DC as the power supply. AC motors use alternating current as power source.Structurally, the principle of the direct current motor is relatively simple, but the structure is complex, and it is not easy to maintain. The principle of AC motor is complex, but the structure is relatively simple, and it is easier to maintain than the direct current motor.
Q:Induction AC motors which is working with 60Hz can be used in country with 50Hz power?
What an english! Anyway from what I gather, you have a VFD that as per name plate can operate at 50 hz or 60 hz. So obviously the output speed of the motor is not dependent on the supply frequency. So increasing supply frequency to 60 hz will not change the speed of motor that is driven by this VFD. There must be some setting for frequency of output (yes, output) which in turn will increase speed of motor. Look for that.
ABBL Brand is one of famous motor maker in the field, the head office is in Finland and has factories in China.

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Location Nanjing
Year Established 2002.01.23
Annual Output Value USD 1,500,000
Main Markets Austrilia,Turkey,South America
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