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Q:Converting an AC motor to DC?
And series wound universal motors will run on less than their design voltage (but slower) Unlike induction motors that tend to have excessive current draw if running too slow, series universal and permanent magnet DC motors handle speed control by voltage reduction pretty well.
Q:Using AC microwave fans to generate energy?
I imagine your AC fans have inductive motors, that is, the windings in the stationary part of the motor induce a voltage in the rotating part to give it it a magnetic field to push against and cause the rotation. You cannot use these motors as generators as is, you can rotate them all day long and they will not produce voltage. If you did have motors that could be turned into generators, you would need a voltage controller to make sure the output voltage stayed at the voltage of what you plug into, otherwise, you will have motors! Even big power company generators have protection to prevent this called anti-motoring circuits.
Q:How do I wire an AC reversible motor?
im me and I will solve your problem.lbflow562
Q:Can any AC motor 220 and 380V control positive inversion? What are the conditions?
All three phase motor, the 3 phase line in any two lines can be switched to control the motor positive and reverse, commonly used AC contactor control, reverse switch control (small capacity) and so on.Single-phase capacitor running motor ends of the main winding or secondary winding can be controlled on the motor is reverse.
Q:How to make an AC motor run on DC power such as a car battery?
I'm not sure about the other stuff but I have an idea for a throttle. Hook a potentiometer up in series with the motor, power source. Controlling it on the ground side may be better so you can have a big thick cable from the power to the motor.
Q:If I have a 1/5hp 120V motor, how many AC amps is that?
Depends how efficient the motor is. At 120 V it could draw anywhere from 80MA to 8A depending on if the motor draws 1000 Watts or 10 Watts. Probably draws around 50 Watts which would put it at 410 MA or about a half an Amp. You can by the way make it way more efficient just like any AC motor by placing a capacitor over the Hot and Ground.
Q:why ac superconducting motors are common and not dc?
A direct current (dc) motor is nothing more than an alternating current (ac) motor with a commutator. It is far more efficient to electronically convert dc to ac to drive an ac motor than to use a dc motor for high power applications. - An old electric power engineer.
Q:Causes of insulation breakdown in AC motor voltage withstand test
In the withstand test, the test voltage is too high and exceeds the specified value.
Q:how can i power a DC motor using the power generated by another motor?
i'm hoping you do not concepts yet i am going to rephrase the question as I see it. If i take advantage of a 4.5 volt direct modern-day motor like an instantaneous modern-day generator, how a lot capacity will it generate ? At a wager with out understanding how briskly you spin the motor/generator and adequate filtering, the load you shop on with to the generator, how briskly you turn the shaft, someplace about 3 to 4 volts at about 100-300mA. you incredibly desire to construct a try rig with the motor appearing as a generator and create a circuit with a 10,000uF 15 volt electrolytic capacitor properly polarised in the course of the output terminals of the motor/generator and then position different resistances in sequence with motor/generator and use a voltmeter to make sure what outputs you are able to anticipate for what rpm you spin the motor/generator at. you would discover out of your finding out a large fluctuation in output and hence some type of regulation circuit will be needed.
Q:where is the ac blow motor RESISTOR on a honda accord 04?
The blower motor transistor is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. It will have 2 screws holding it into the HVAC unit as well as a 4 wire connector running to it.

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