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Q:Rating of an ac motor?
Google the size of the motor and you should find something...You need more info if u want this answered...good luck
Q:How does one calculate the stator (or rotor) phase winding resistance (NOT impedance) of an AC 3 phase motor?
If you mean the static resistance for the stator you can simply connect the multimeter between 2 phases and arrive at the phase resistance. Usually motors windings are delta connected. You multimeter reading is 2/3x phase resistance.As for the rotor a squirrel gauge motor has no rotor windings and slip ring motors have windings connected to slip rings. In the second case apply the same principle if you know whether the windings are star or delta connected. For complete determination of the equivalent equivalent circuit conduct the no-load and blocked rotor tests. Refer a standard book on electric machines for eg Fitzgerald, Umans Kingsley
Q:why a ac motor burn due to heavy load and low voltage?
With an AC motor running on a reduced voltage, slip is increased. That is the difference between the speed of the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the stator, increases. When this happens more voltage is induced in the rotor bars, so more current flows in them. By transformer action, the current in the stator windings also increases and may lead to overheating and burn out.
Q:Why capacitor is needed in single phase ac motor?
Single phase motors (some of them) require a capacitor to create turning torque for the armature. Once started, these capacitors are disconnected from the circuit by centrifugal switches. Some small motors use a shaded pole to apply the torque to start the motors. A capacitor connected in the circuit creates an essential magnetic force which imparts a torque to the motor similar to the action of bringing similar poles of two magnets together. Like pole repel.
Q:What is the neutral point of an alternating current motor? How to determine whether the neutral point leads to?
The AC motor only meets the three-phase fire line, the three-phase is balanced, the neutral point does not connect the zero line, also does not have the ground.
Q:What is the size of DC motor and AC motor under the same power?
In general, the DC motor is large in size, but it depends on whether the supply voltage of the two motor is the same.
Q:Dodge AC blower motor stops working, what to look for?
you may need to replace the actual switch that turns it on ,i have seen a lot of those go bad and that's how they,ll do if it had anything to do with the resistor again it wouldn't work at all or it would have burnt the new resistor out on it,so you know that part of it is still working, id lean towards the switch ,it could have been part of the problem all along ,id try another switch on it,see if that doesn't repair it,you could also have motor going out on that one that will cause them to burn up resistors a lot,good luck.
Q:Along with coils in a 7.5 HP AC motor, Are magnets are used?
Unlikely, most ac motors are induction motors. If your 7.5HP motor is 3 phase, which is most likely as it seems large for single phase, the rotor will be what's called squirrel cage. This is aluminum bars made into a cage. The rotating magnetic field in the stator induces a current into the rotor, the same way a transformer does but the resulting magnetic field produced is opposite to that of the stator causing the rotation. Smaller single phase motors may contain windings and there are a number of different types of single phase motors. Larger 3 phase motor may be wound rotor so that some resistances can be added through slip rings for starting or speed control. There is a type of ac motor called synchronous motor. The rotor is powered by dc and is, in effect, a large magnet but this type of motor is not self starting and uses some other method to get up to speed before the dc is applied.
Q:Where can I purchase a 165KW 3 phase AC induction motor from? On-line store?
Q:AC motor: use gear variable or frequency conversion?
The advantages of variable frequency speed control is that a wide range of stepless speed regulation can be achieved within a range of any speed, at the time of transmission, the motor does not need to stop. Now the price of converter is not very high. But there are disadvantages, the reliability of electronic products is much worse than the reliability of mechanical products, even the normal operation is also prone to problems. And when there is a problem that the speed of the speed in the rated speed is a constant torque speed regulation process, that is to say its speed down, while torque did not change, the output power is motor becomes small. The device will not work on certain load characteristics. At this time, it is necessary to use the gear change structure to speed down at a high speed, then decelerate under the gear change mechanism to obtain large power.

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