ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:How do you calculate output power in an AC Three phase Induction Motor?
in three phase circuit input power is P=V*I*sqrt(3) output power is P=V*I*sqrt(3)*cos(theta) V=voltage (effective voltage) I=current (RMS current) sqrt(3) = 1.73.... (square root of three) cos(theta) = power factor based on given voltage and current values, input power is 1215W while output power is 802W we can also calculate same using mechanics: P=T*w where T is torque and w is angular velocity (rad/sec) 1422RPM is 149 rad/sec and with only 0.5Nm torque power is only 75W so your numbers don't match. are you reading current and voltage of the name plate or those are actual measurements? if the load is smaller, motor will draw less current (less than FLA listed on name plate).
Q:wwhat is the difference between AC and DC current?
Q:why do we use ac motors for tower crane?
1) Availability of AC power 2) Clean, quiet, efficient 3) size does not matter!! AC motors are larger than a comparible hydraulic motor, but on a tower crane, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER.
Q:Why doesn't an ac motor need a commutator?
A DC motor requires a SPLIT RING commutator, whereas an AC motor uses a ring that isnt split (i.e full ring) An AC motor doesn't need a commutator because the current polarity is already alternating. This is the job of the split-ring commutator in a DC motor. DC motors chane the current polarity through roatiting section of the motor, whereas an AC motor does it through the stationary part.
Q:What does the D axis and the Q axis mean for AC induction motors?
The motor rotor has established a coordinate system, the coordinate system and the rotor synchronous rotation, the rotor magnetic field direction as d axis, perpendicular to the rotor magnetic field direction as q axis, the mathematical model of the motor will be converted into coordinates, can realize the decoupling of d axis and q axis, so as to obtain good control characteristics.
Q:if a ac supply is given to dc motor why the motor coil burned?
That's why it`s called ac - alternating current. The voltage goes back and forth along the 2 wires, whereas in a dc - direct current the voltage only flows in one direction along the wires, in one way and out the other.Guess you need to get another motor. Look below to better understand what went wrong
Q:The actual power consumed by a three-phase AC motor is equal to line voltage * line current. How do you explain that?
The calculation formula of three-phase symmetrical load; power line I U 3 P= V COS line with =3I2R.Line voltage refers to the parallel voltage between the two phase lines (A-B, A-C, B-C), and the phase voltage refers to the parallel voltage of the relative zero (A-0, B-0, C-0).In the three-phase four wire distribution system neutral directly grounding; line voltage is equal to the phase voltage of 3 V, the phase voltage is equal to 3 V / line voltage, line current is equal to phase.
Q:Enumerate the Different parts of DC motors and give the functoin of each parts.?
Your question is insufficiently precise. There are currently two types of DC motors, brushed and brushless. A brushless DC motor is actually an AC motor with built-in electronics to do the commutation. In this particular case, permanent magnets are installed on the rotor, and coils on the outside of the rotor are energized so as to push and pull the magnets around in the circle. A brushed DC motor has coils on the rotor and permanent magnets around the periphery. Brushes, actually chunks of graphite make contact with the commutator on the rotor so as to energize the coils to get pulled and pushed by the magnets in the periphery. The commutator, as it spins around makes and breaks the circuit to the coils to cause changing energizations of the coils.
Q:how could i conect my 120 volt ac dimmer switch to my 24 volt dc motor?
An 1/8th horse motor is going to require at least 5 amps on 24V...that's some serious current for most 24V supplies, and Radio Shack isn't going to have such brute force 24V supplies. If you want to do this inexpensively, look into battery chargers for small forklifts, military vehicles (best bet), or diesels. Most older military vehicles still use 24V, and I think a lot of commercial diesels are moving over to 24V. At any rate, you should be able to buy an old 24V charger for maybe $30 this way. If you don't have luck that way, you could buy your big hoss power supply through Grainger, Digikey, Mouser, etc. but be prepared to pay at least $100. Remember, you'll need a power supply capable of AT LEAST 5 amps at 24V. The best way to go is to buy a DC inverter/chopper drive for you motor, but such things are expensive ($300 and up). Yeah, not cheap! Now you see why most motors of any reasonable power rating are 120V and up! FYI don't try to make your own power supply unless you are pretty good at such things, and for heaven's sake don't try to use a Zener by itself to regulate a high current 24V supply (can you say Wow, that sure blew up in a hurry!). Actually, your motor isn't all that sensitive to voltage variation, it'll just slow down or speed up a little. Another thing remember is to have a good contactor relay to control your motor as an on-off switch, and to have a freewheeling diode to protect said relay/power supply when you interrupt the current to stop the motor. If you don't have either an RC snubber or a freewheeling diode, your relay and/or power supply will be headed for a really early retirement the first time you try to interrupt current (you'll discover why V = dI/dt in a spectacular way). All motor drives have this protecton built in, but power supplies do not!
Q:AC Fan Motor connection?
In a vehicle the fan motor runs from the battery whilst the A/C compressor runs from the engine. The A/C fan motor runs each and every time the automobile's fan change is located in between the ON positions (and the secret's 'ON', etc.). many times the person would desire to decide on the Snow Flake image on the dashboard to instruct on the A/C. besides the undeniable fact that, till the engine is working the A/C compressor isn't doing the paintings needed to make chilly air (different than the A/C fairly runs additionally whilst interior the defrost place on the that different fan administration knob). in case you decide on the snowflake image and the fan is ON and the engine is working and the ignition key's on and you at the instant are not interior the defrost place and you do not have some style of fault interior the equipment then you certainly would desire to get chilly air out of the vents given which you furthermore would have the temperature slider set to grant chilly air too.

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