ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Q:AC Motor and Current (rms)?
At the moment the motor starts it has no back emf developed, so the current is (from Ohm's law): I = V / R = 120 volts / 5 ohms = 24 amps When the motor is operating normally it produces a back emf of 118 volts, so the total voltage across the motor is 120 volts - 118 volts = 2 volts. Using Ohm's Law again, but with the new voltage, we get: I = V / R = 2 volts / 5 ohms = 0.4 amps
Q:what is the difference between ac servo sewing machine motor and dc servo sewing machine motor?
One requires alternating current to run, and the other requires direct current. Choose the one that fits with the power supply feeding the motor.
Q:what will happen if dc supply is given to an ac motor?
the windings will saturate. the dc will act as a brake if motor is already turning if the motor is at a stand still dc will make the motor act like a big magnet until the windings burn out
Q:Will not having a functional blower motor affect anything aside from no heat/AC?
Probably not. Maybe it's an easy fix. Often those motors are 5 minute jobs. Some are not so easy. Did it make strange noises before it stopped working? Just keep it turned off. If it's stuck and your fan speed switch is giving it power, it could get hot. Maybe very hot. You don't need an electrical incident. p.s. Thumbs down? I gave good advice. Somebody isn't too smart...
Q:What makes an AC motor superior to a DC motor?
Probably for the same reason we do not use electric cars with fuel cells. There are a ton of good old DC motors hauling out there. The simplicity of the system makes them work and easy to diagonose and fix. The biggest draw(funny huh) back to DC is the damage that is done to the switching gear turning them on and off due to the arc that is pulled on DC comared to AC. The other trick is that generators by default create AC, which is then turned into DC, which has some loss in the process.
Q:AC speed regulation motor + turbo reducer instead of cam cutter + AC motor?
But this method of use is not very reliable, if the switch is broken, then it has only been turned. So this method uses a lot of reciprocating rotation of the situation. A stroke switch is arranged at both ends of the reciprocating stroke, and if the detecting switch is broken, the switch is stopped by the stroke switch after the prescribed stroke is exceeded.In addition, the mechanism of the worm is only suitable for low speed, high speed condition, due to the impact of rotary body, namely back rebound, the backlash of worm caused by tooth side collision and rebound, resulting in inaccurate positioning.In addition, the rotating disk can not be subjected to impact load when it is stationary, and this will cause the rotation of the center of the rotating body because of the poor alignment, so that the positioning is accurate.
Q:How to distinguish between DC motor and AC motor?
As communication is easier to obtain and easier to carry, so most of the electric machines we use today are driven by AC motors.
Q:for a wind turbine can i use an ac motor to charge a battery system,?
AC motor shall not produce any power no matter how hard it being rotated.
Q:can ac motor run over rated frequency?
Yes generally, but it will revolve faster, and you will not want to underhorse it in this application. Also, is it 3 phase or single phase? I would monitor the current under the maximum applied load. Variable frequency drives (VFD's) (Freq. drives) vary the Hertz to control speed.
Q:Compare and contrast the AC generator and the DC electric motor?
Compare And Contrast Generator

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