ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:Can AC motors use direct current?
Only stepper motors with drivers can use DC for special purposes. But it hurts motors very much. The rest can not, junior high school common sense.
Q:ac central air fan motor doesn't run when outside temp is HOT, what causes it to stop running?
If its due to the temperature than it may be shutting of on thermal overload protection inside the motor, likely the the bearings are bad / amp draw is higher than rated and the added ambient heat is enough to trip the overload. So the fix would be a new motor. Now not to be smart@ss but you wouldn't be the first homeowner to mis-diagnose their a/c problem. It could be something as simple as a capacitor and the temperature has nothing to do with it.
Q:Why is the rotor of an AC motor neither magnetic nor can it rotate?
The rotor core has a number of grooves, groove cast aluminum, cast and short circuit ring in both ends of the rotor, stator windings of electric flux generated cutting aluminum rotor coil bar form the short-circuit current, the rotor and the stator rotating magnetic field and magnetic field interaction, is driven to rotate.
Q:An upper Holzer sensor for AC motors?
If you say is the kind of motor on the electric vehicle, it is actually a AC motor. The DC input to the controller, the controller output to the motor 3 lines is ac. I understand the questions you want to ask me, this explanation does not solve your problem.
Q:AC motors question!!!!?
single phase motor only has 1 phase wound on it's stator. These motors tend to run choppy. Three phase has all three phases wound on the stators ( + and - on opposite sides of the motor) all three phases are set 120 degrees apart around the stator (just like the phases of a 3 phase system). The function is not only to produce more torque but it make the motor run much smoother.
Q:I have 1/3 hp motor having two rpm 1070/800. But showing only single rpm even it is high or low.?
DOES THE MOTOR HAVE A 2 SPEED switch, and what are you using it for? 1.3 amps has to be 120 volt. its probably a 2 speed motor without a switch. in that case it has to be under a load. if this helps you cant hear it change speeds, even under a load, i really need more info before i can help you. how are you checking the rpms? butch
Q:can an electric motor lock its position?
not an ordinary one. A stepper motor can. Blocking movement with an ordinary motor, normally possible only if gearing is involved and a delicate adjustment of forces/current is done requires a fairly high current flow and can burn out the stalled motor.
Q:how can find an electrical ac motor with outer diameter of approx. 100 mm and with minimum of 500 watt. power?
What is the purpose? where you are going to use ?Is it continuouse rating Intermittent ratings.If it intermittent rating go for a smal size drilling machine with double speed or use a suitable speed controller use it for your pupose .These all high speed ,high torque ac motor it will not run continuously .It may be available in 120 volts /220 volta Ac even in 12v ,18,24v dc. If you need low torque use a table fan motor but wattage will be less.Best of luck.
Q:Can you please explain how a magnetic DC Motor ( with a commutator ) and a Magnetic AC Generator works ?
The principle of operation of a dc motor is that current through a coil of wire forms an electromagnet. Lets assume the electromagnet is formed in the rotating part of the motor (rotor). that gets its power through the split rings and carbon brushes. The fixed portion of the motor(stator) is a powerful magnet. The north pole of the electromagnet will be attracted to the south pole of the fixed magnet and cause the rotor to turn. As the magnets get near alignment the split rings(commutator) remove power from that coil, and apply power to another coil that is physical wound at an angle such its north pole will continue the rotation. the rotor will contain many coils each with a pair of contacts in the commutator.
Q:What is the problem with my ac, my condenser fan motor will not turn but the compressor comes on?
The condenser fan may heat activated. Does it feel hot? It is then senor and relay controlled. Either could be bad, the fan motor, or a fuse. Check power at the fan with a test light, and work your way backward from there.

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