ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:why in a motor its said if voltage drops FREQUENCY drops & so overheating occurs in frequency drops?
In AC motor, normally the drop in frequency causes the voltage drop, not in reverse. The frequency drop comes from the supplying line i.e. when the supplying generator slows down. The motor shaft turns slower, directly proportional to frequency drop, not less, while still supplying load. When the load is higher, the motor consume more current. The higher the load, the higher the consumed current. The overheating occurs because the current exceeds the current carrying capacity of the winding wire
Q:How to control AC motor with arduino?
Arduino 3 Phase Motor Control
Q:i have a d903 electric motor on my ac unit and it wont start on its own. if you start it by hand it runs but i?
The capacitor for starting the motor may be bad. Capacitors store electricity, in this case they discharge when the motor is turned on to give it an extra boost of electricity. Some motors also have an internal start winding and if this winding burns out then the motor won't start on its own. I recommend that you have a tech look at it, capacitors still carry a lethal amount of current even when everything is turned off and the electricity supply disconnected.
Q:What is the best method to clean an ac motor?
the best way is to use an air hose of some kind and blow it out... dryer motors don't have any kind of lubricating procedures... when you spray wd40 to lubricate this motor you are creating a fire hazard by the flamable vapors from the spray... thats why there is no lubricating ports of any kind.. one thing i would concider is that you might have a bearing going bad on this motor, thats why it will run for awhile and then shut down...
Q:details on AC motors?
for more details go to google
Q:Why doesn't my AC electric motor not start when I plug it in?
Some electric motors have a governor device on them to automatically switch from the starter capacitor to all ac. Those switches can go bad and will cause this type of problem. If it is the reset switch, or any other type of switch, good luck in finding one. I have these switch issues at work and can not find them. Had to replace the whole motor. Good Luck
Q:Ac motor wires get hot circuit breaker flips?
It's a 230 volt motor. L1 and L2 are both hot.
Q:Main structure of AC motor
The core is: the magnetic circuit of the motor, the iron core is fixed on the frame, a silicon steel sheet surface insulation Die pressing, punching a uniform circular notch of silicon steel sheet, for stator winding. Stator winding: the circuit part of an electric motor.
Q:i have a motor that need to be test with dc current please help!!!!!!?
AC voltage alternates polarity 60 (50 in Europe) times a second, meaning the AC current changes direction that often. Only AC is good for transformers, and AC motors tend to be more efficient and constant speed. You just need to know what DC voltage you need for the motor. If it's 12 volts, most people will just use a car battery for a source. You can hook batteries in series for higher voltage. You can also buy power supplies that turn AC into different DC voltages.
Q:What if on third rail, instead of DC there was AC? Would it affect the train somehow? Would it save money?
All third rail systems throughout the world are energised with DC supplies. The use of AC is not feasible because of the skin effect. The geometry of the third rail and return running rail is very large compared with the skin depth (around 0.3 millimetres for steel), which means that the resistance to AC is a few orders of magnitude higher than it is to DC.

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