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Q:motor v/s generator?
An a-c generator has a field winding, usually the rotor, which is energised by d-c from an exciter,and an a-c motor has either a wound rotor or a squirrel cage rotor.
Q:what is the connection of single phase AC motor rew and fwd?
In AC single phase motors to reverse the direction of rotation of motor, you have to reverse the direction of the magnetic field. To reverse the direction of magnetic field interchange the winding wires.
Q:What's main different between induction and syncronies motor ?
Q:Why asynchronous motor AC excitation, rather than DC excitation?
An induction motor is a kind of AC motor based on the air gap rotating magnetic field and the induction current in the rotor winding to generate electromagnetic torque, so as to realize the energy conversion. As the rotor winding current is induced, so there is a certain difference between its speed and synchronous speed. Asynchronous motor and synchronous motor difference: synchronous motor running normally, the revolution is fixed, not because of changes in load changes. In normal operation, the revolution of the induction motor is not fixed, but it varies slightly with the change of the load. Synchronous motors are complex circuits with reversible energy (motors and generators are interchangeable theoretically) and are used as generators
Q:Can any AC motor 220 and 380V control positive inversion? What are the conditions?
Single phase motor has two coils, three heads, two ends of the coil and connected together to a head (public side), the starting coil of a head, a head coil operation, starting capacitor connected between the operating coil and start coil, the power supply is connected in common end and operation coil when the motor is transferred, connected to the power supply public end and start winding motor reversal.
Q:how structurally AC motors differ from DC motors, 220V x 60 w AC motor equals 36 V x ? watts with equal power
I think the simplest solution would be to get a 24V lorry radiator fan motor from a breakers yard and step down the voltage. or go one stage further and power from a photo-voltaic pannel so it works whenever the sunshines and automatically stops at night. rewinding the motor and fixing the commutator, brushes etc is likely to be difficult if not impossible without completly re-building from scratch.
Q:wil the alternator act as a motor when i supply AC or DC voltage to it?
With DC it will turn part of a turn till the fields align and lock in place. It cannot complete a full revolution. With AC it needs to be spun up to synchronous speed, than apply the AC and it will keep running, locked to the supply. This is a synchronous motor. The alternator in a car is different, as it has rectifiers to convert the alternating current produced into DC for the battery etc. If an AC supply is fed to it these rectifier diodes prevent it from working as a synchronous motor. A car alternator will not work for either, without modification.
Q:Can a function generator be used with ac/dc motor to increase or decrease its frequency?
Rick and Brian T have given first-classification solutions so i visit shrink my answer to describing a case the place automobiles are used as turbines. Many turbine pushed plane use an identical rotating DC gadget through fact the starter motor and the generator, or a minimum of between the turbines. that's a very often asked question and as generally occurring, somebody has shown that they don't comprehend the self-excited DC generator. those machines do not choose for a separate excitation furnish through fact they generate their very own from the residual magnetism in the stator laminations. an previous type DC vehicle generator is a classic occasion of this.
Q:Why are DC motors more powerful than AC motors of the same power?
This statement is inaccurate, and the output torque is the same under the same power and configuration.The reason for this intuitive illusion is that there is a difference between the two. AC motor as the power supply connection method or different structure, small starting torque, and starting current of DC motor often exceeds the rated current, starting torque exceeds the rated torque, thus starting load is more common. In order to start smoothly, the AC motor must not enlarge the output torque in order to overcome the insufficiency of the starting torque or change the connection method to increase the starting current. This gives a very intuitive appearance, the same power, AC motor can not drive, while the DC motor is easily competent.
Q:how to wire a bridge rectifier to change a dc motor to ac volts?
I am not understanding your question; Lionel Trains normally use reversible universal motors and are run on AC.

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