ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:Did you know an AC engine only works on earth?
Well, Tesla was a complex and brilliant man so I have no idea what he was thinking when he dreamed up the AC motor. However, with regards to your initial statement about AC engines only working on earth -- I have to wonder why it is you would think that. The laws of physics governing the workings of an AC motor (Maxwell's electrodynamics) is universal everywhere in the Universe. An AC motor works on Andromeda galaxy in exactly the same way it would work on Earth given the same setup conditions. Best regards
Q:I need a DC/AC motor to vibrate a plate. The plate should vibrate within a range of 20-50G. Is that possible?
10 x 10 x 2 centimeters? that is 200 cc and if it weighs 150 gm, then it has 3/4 the density of water - like a medium weight wood - maple is about that. Could it withstand 20-50G without breaking off the mounts? Does the whole plate have to move? F=MA = 0.150 * 35 * 9.8 = 51.450 N (mid point of 20 to 50) or
Q:our central ac unit fan motor went out replaced it but now wont throw cold air give me any solution cuold be.?
could is not spelled like that
Q:I wanted to run an AC motor that I made off of a 120v AC outlet.?
Try it on a much lower voltage first. If it gets hot on a lower voltage that's a pretty good clue that it won't take 120
Q:I have one 3 HP 3 Ph. 440 Volts AC. Motor. I want to increase it’s HP say by 10 %.?
It is possible to increase the motor horsepower rating but only when the motor winding wire size is increased during a rewinding. But, the rewinder has to check if the the new wire size and same number of turns will fit in the slots.A good insulating paper has to be used.
Q:How do you called AC motor that has brushes?
Q:How we can connect two or more AC POWER SOURCE?
Can't do it, they will all have slightly different frequencies, which will result in very strange waveforms at the output, with beat frequencies. In addition, they will attempt to drive each other, with the result of one or more burning out. .
Q:AC fan motor is stuck and won't turn -- any repair tips?
it might have over heated and the wire's insulation in the motor could have melted away and caused current to flow where it should not.
Q:If I have a 1/5hp 120V motor, how many AC amps is that?
The horsepower rating is a measure of the motor's output power. That doesn't say exactly how much current the motor draws to generate that power. If you can find a wattage rating on the motor, you can take watts and divide by 120 to give you the amperage. Typical full-load current draw for a motor like this would be anywhere in the range from 1.0-2.5 Amps. Depends on efficiency of the motor, rpms, size of motor, how much load you're putting on it, etc. Probably you already know that typically the current draw is very high (peak) on startup and then comes down after the motor is at running speed. If you're just concerned about the peak (startup) load, you're pretty safe with figuring less than 6 Amps. If you are looking for a replacement motor, and if you can find a supplier name and part#, then a good motor supplier will be able to help you cross-reference to an equivalent new motor. You'll also want a motor with the same form, fit, and direction of rotation, etc so you can just swap it out. Good luck!
Q:Can you have the AC running with the motor off?
Only the Blower motor works with the car off, The AC Compressor WILL NOT work with the Engine off. It's not dangerous, it just won't work.

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