ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How do you power this AC motor?
This looks like it might be a stove-hood fan motor for the type of microwave that is combined with a stove hood. If that is true, there are probably three speeds. Small fan motors are often shaded-pole motors. A shaded pole motor has only enough starting torque to start the fan it is designed for - not much torque. It could also be a permanent-split-capacitor (PSC) motor. That design has a little more starting torque, but still not MORE THAN would be needed for something like a fan or centrifugal pump. If it is that type and you don't have the capacitor, you would have virtually zero starting torque and the motor would run in whichever you give it a push to get is started. [corrected my error later] When you salvage a motor from an appliance, it is always good to look carefully to see how the wires are connected and salvage the switch and any capacitors or other external items connected to the motor. The speed is changed in this type of motor by connecting at several points on the winding to use only part or all of the stator winding. That is equivalent to running the motor on lower voltages. Operating on lower voltages weakens the motor so that the load slows the motor down. It takes less torque to run a fan at a slower speed, so the motor slows down until it find the speed at which the torque that the motor can produce matches the torque required to operate the fan.
Q:How do reversible gear motors work?
Usually a two direction motors are three phase motors thou it can be single phase motor but with three phase motor its easy to control. This if it works on AC currant. It also can be DC that is easer to control. 3 phases AC motor you can reverse the direction of rotation by switching two phases instead of U V W you have to make it U W V or any other combination. And it will reverse you can achieve this with a switch to give an order to a contactor to do the switching. Note that you may need a time delay to make the switching to have the motor at complete stop before reversing. Single-phase motor is very complicated process I think no one do this. A DC motor is easy you just switch the + to – and the – to + then it will reverse this can be achieved by a change over switch. Also you can use the change over switch for the 3-phase motor.
Q:what is meant electrical drives?
Electrical drives are electrical motor controls that control motor speed. For many years, most electrical drives used DC motors, but AC motor drives have now become the dominant type. The most common AC motor speed controls are variable frequency drives (VFDs) that control the speed of 3-phase induction motors. In the most common type of VFD, mains power is rectified to provide DC power. The DC power is then converted to 3-phase AC power using electronic switching circuits in an inverter configuration. The inverter controls both the frequency and the voltage supplied to the motor using pulse width modulation to control the voltage. The voltage supplied to the motor must be proportional to the frequency. To operate at half of normal speed, the motor must receive half of the mains frequency and half of the mains voltage. The motor can produce its full rated torque at reduced speed, but the power is reduced because power is proportional to torque multiplied by speed. Electrical drives are electronic power conversion devices. The electronic circuits operate at 3-phase mains voltage and carry the full motor current. Thus their power rating is the same as the motor power rating. Their efficiency is typically 95% to 98%, but that means they must dissipate 2% to 3% of the motor power as heat which can be quite a lot of heat.
Q:Dead snake in car ac motor?
what car do you own? is it 1996+? if it is, try figuring out if you have a cabin air filter, if so, replace it
Q:How do i make a DC Micro motor work on AC current?
Connected to an AC source, a DC motor will sit there and vibrate. DC motors work on magnetic repulsion by perfectly timed pulses. AC motors normally work on magnetic induction with either a rotating or ratcheting magnetic field. In most of them, the part that spins doesn't contain any coils or magnets at all. It's usually just layers of aluminum and iron. If you need finite details, Google is your friend.
Q:How to connect an AC brushless motor to a transformer?
If this really IS an AC motor and has 3 wires, it's 3 phase. If it's an AC motor single phase, 1 of the wires is for another purpose e.g. capacitor connection. So if it is marked brushless, it could be a 3-phase model aircraft type motor, which will require its mating speed controller/ 3- phase (battery or DC fed) controller. The other possibility is you have a 3- wire computer brushless DC fan motor, 2 are for connection to DC, and the 3rd. is a rotation confirmation signal wire. Further. Transformers output AC. A motor running as a generator cannot possibly boost its voltage. I'm glad you haven't mentioned joule thief''' this time. You still have not stated EXACTLY what you are trying to achieve, or maybe this is the start of another brand new misconception re electrics/ electronics?
Q:Where is the resister card (blower motor) located on a 1999 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter with ac?
it is located right behind the glove box on that one you,ll see a small wiring harness going to it,when those go bad all you get is high speed from it usually,there easy to get to though and replace they cost about 15 bucks through most parts stores,good luck.
Q:New blower motor on 7900 coleman gas furance will not turn my fan unless i push the fan with my finger to ge?
I presume the motor is an AC motor. It almost certainly uses a start capacitor to provide the push you are giving it with your finger. The capacitor itself may be bad, but it is even more common to have a bad start contact in the control circuit. The capacitor is only connected long enough to get the rotation going. The first source should help.
Q:If you manually turn an AC motor instead of sending current through it, the motor acts like a...?
You might have bigger fish to fry before to long-- you're probably going to lose your intake manifold gaskets sometime down the road. There was a TSB issued on this problem in earlier models (and I believe the 2004 as well), and thousands of people have been having costly repairs that GM won't cover even though they've known of the problem for some time. It has to do with the Dexcool coolant they put in there (long life coolant) which has somehow been attacking the gasket, leading to a leak-- possibly an internal leak where the coolant gets into your oil and creates the potential for a very bad condition called hydrolock. Further, GM may void your warranty if you flush and oil-change all that stuff out and replace it with the green classic antifreeze.Watch for dropping coolant levels even if you don't see any drips and have that engine checked and replace the gaskets with Felpro replacements. Suggestion-- get thee away from the GM. I threw in some Bars Leak and stuck a FOR SALE sign on mine. Cheap, dirty repair? Dang skippy. I'm not wasting a plug nickel on the thang. That's GM's baby. Nissan is much better and they stand behind their cars. GM needs to stand in front of theirs.
Q:Record player motor help, cant be found?
Motors that weren't originally designed for turntables or tape machines will severely disappoint you. They aren't synchronous, and therefore they don't rotate at a precise or sufficiently constant speed. Turntables with belt or idler drive use synchronous motors that turn at speeds between 300 and 1800 RPM; suitable speed reductions are made by the ratio between the size of the pulley on the motor and that of the drive surface of the platter. The platter must be as perfectly round as possible to make the speed perfectly even. Only direct-drive turntables have motors that turn at the speed of a record.

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