ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:Hi. I am trying to reduce rpm on a AC 1000rpm motor. Is there a way to do this? I want 210 rpm output.?
Put a rheostat on it, kinda like a light dimmer.
Q:What will happen to a DC motor when the AC power supply is increased?
A DC motor does -- its velocity is relative to the voltage (assuming you do no longer pass over the optimum voltage). An AC motor does not -- increasing the voltage to an AC motor will advance its torque (the rigidity it could turn whilst linked to a load), yet no longer its velocity.
Q:my 94 plymouth sundance is not blowing air on ac,heat or defrost changed blower motor still doesn't work?
you will have a rheostat (blower motor control module) under the dash on pass side. it controls the blower motor speed. more than likley your problem. two plug-ins on it. one plug-in goes from the blower motor directly to it.
Q:how to reverse the direction of rotation of a 3-phase, AC motor?
#2 is correct
Q:a starter capacitor of 6mf on a 240 volt electric motor question?
It's for starting the motor. Many AC motors work fine as long as they are moving the least little bit. But from a dead stop, the capacitor provides a phase-shifted voltage to an extra winding that gives a little bump to get the motor going.
Q:How to measure the speed of a motor without using a speed sensor?
There are circuits that can do that but not easy to explain in detail here. The idea is to remove power from the motor momentarily and measure back emf voltage which is proprotional to motor speed. This is generally done periodically to determine motor speed. In this way a controller can adjust the motor speed. This method is not suitable for AC motors.
Q:connections for simple ac reversable motor?
The motor is constructed with 2 different windings in it so that it can reverse. There is a relation between the rotor and the stator; the stator has essentially 2 different windings. the only 2 things I can suggest is take it to a motor repair shop. Maybe they'll be familiar with it and tell you right there. Or you'd have to contact the manufacturer for specific wiring construction/ info. I always mark the wires before disassembly.
Q:the heater/AC blower quit working on my 1992 dodge dynasty. The fan motor is good, what else might be the prob?
Fuse Switch Blower resistor.
Q:what happens when an AC supply is given to a DC motor?
For a simple DC (toy) motor with permanent magnets as the stator, reversing the leads to the battery should reverse the direction of rotation. Applying AC to the motor will reverse polarity (60 cycles per second) causing the motor to buzz. In general, larger DC motors are more complex including various shunt windings, etc. To reverse rotation either the leads to the rotor windings or to the stator windings are reversed (sometimes using a reversing switch).but both windings are not reversed. Applying AC to these motors should reverse polarity to both windings which likely would not reverse rotation.
Q:AC motor - do they need constant frequency and voltage?
I would assume so, DC motors when the voltage is lowered the motor slows. If you're in the US your ac supply is going to be 60hz unless you're modifying it.

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