ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:What determines the speed of a electric motor. Volt or Amp?
Q:I have a AC motor with a encoder on the end of the motor.?
The purpose for an encoder is to know where the motor is by revolutions the motor makes. Example: If you are opening a garage door with an encoded motor the encoder can tell if the door is closed or half open by the revolutions the motor makes. Hope this helps
Q:Why doesn't my AC electric motor not start when I plug it in?
Some electric motors have a governor device on them to automatically switch from the starter capacitor to all ac. Those switches can go bad and will cause this type of problem. If it is the reset switch, or any other type of switch, good luck in finding one. I have these switch issues at work and can not find them. Had to replace the whole motor. Good Luck
how do you know its not the resistor or something more simple?
Q:i have a 92 cherokee and the ac blower motor quit working, i replaced it with a new but still does not work.?
check for power going into the motor and like the other guy said check fuses , relay ect.. usually if the resister went bad it would only work on high and not work on the lower speeds but just for giggles check that too.
Q:Is there currently a car that uses DC current Traction Motors, for the wheels, and a generator for power?
Yes. Reliance Electric (purchased by Allen-Bradley and then GE) manufactured traction motors specifically for automobiles. These DC traction motors are currently manufactured by others. They are typically used in warehouse electric vehicles and golf carts. I'm not sure if the Hybrids in production use AC or DC. Electric automobile kits typically use high torque motors that are either D.C. or A.C. A.C. is more expensive but it has the potential to use regeneration to break and re-use some of the momentum energy to recharge the batteries. As fuel cost continues to increase because of peak oil, I'm sure that breaking regeneration will be found on trains, buses, trucks, and automobiles.
Q:Can I wire a single phase AC Motor to a standard 120V outlet?
If the motor is still good, it will definitely run.
Q:Where can I purchase a 165KW 3 phase AC induction motor from? On-line store?
Q:Normal household fans have a PSC AC induction motor and three speeds (low, medium and high). How does it work?
Re added details: If there is no resistor inside, there must be voltage taps on the windings. I think that is the most common arrangement for a lot of types of fans.
Q:I have a 115 volt motor and I need a dimmer switch to control the speed. Which kind of dimmer should I get?
There are several kinds of 115 VAC motors out there. The universal motor found in many home appliances will run slower if dimmed, but in reducing RPMs you also reduce power because you are basically choking off the motor's source of energy. Because the motor is running near its stall point it will have very little torque available (but since you're using it to make cotton candy, you shouldn't have any trouble there). Any light dimmer will work for this, but if you can find a cheap variac of the same current rating as your motor, you'll get better results. The majority of single-phase AC motors run at a speed that is determined by the windings and the AC line frequency, though, so a true AC motor will not run slower if you use a dimmer; it will only get hotter and produce less usable torque. The only way to slow down a motor of this type is to use a variable frequency drive (VFD) or inverter, which can actually change the frequency of the power supplied to the motor. But here you have to be careful, because unlike a three-phase motor, a single-phase motor cannot start at just any speed. If you get an inexpensive (under $200) drive with a keypad programming interface, you can set it up to start the motor at full speed and then slow to a preset RPM. Again, these motors are designed for a specific speed so you will lose efficiency when slowing them down, but your application doesn't need a lot of torque. eBay is a good source of cheap VFDs, but check to make sure that you select one compatible with single-phase output (and that your motor is also compatible).

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