ABB High Low Voltage HXR 500LP6 Motor

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Who are the suppliers for a water cooled, 100 hp, 8000 rpm, 460 v, 3 phase ac motor?
I assume you are looking for a replacement. This seems like a spindle motor for a NC machine, but my search didn't find one with all the characteristics mentioned. The clue is 8000 rpm. This is probably a 4 pole motor, so frequency is up to 266 Hz AC supply. It means it works with a variable speed drive, so may be married to that closely (I mean, I am not sure if you can substitute). It may even have speed sensing associated. It is this drive that produces the 460V and the appropriate frequency for the rpm which will be related to V/Hz. These motors are usually meant to be smooth running. Check the spec you gave carefully. It seems too small for 75kW and too fast for 75kW too. Still @ 8000rpm this may be possible. It may be that you can only buy a replacement from the manufacturer/supplier of the NC machine at great expense. Consider a motor rewind and new bearings, whatever (get it refurbished). This might not be so difficult or expensive, but once again, 75kW @ 8000 RPM? Maybe the re-winder needs to know what they are doing for that sort of balance. Some of these have exotic bearings too.
Q:Electric motor runs CW once and CCW another time. also runs a bit slow?
The slow run is a problem with the start winding not disengaging so the run circuit can operate. This is probably the cause of the reverse start also. Best solution is to replace the motor with a new one. Unless it is a very special electric motor rated more than 7.5 Hp it is not worth a rebuild charge at a professional shop. Cheaper, faster and easier to RR the unit.
Q:Can you tell me the Watts required by a 230v, 50Hz Single phase AC motor?
The static resistance will bear little relationship to the running load. As the motor speeds up the back-emf builds up too until it opposes the supply so much that it won't go any faster. There's no real way to predict how much power it will draw apart from running it and measuring the current when it's working - but it will be a great deal less than what you'd calculate from a passive resistor. Is there no data-plate anywhere on it?
Q:Overvolting a DC motor?
Assuming it is a 1.0 service factor and the type is a series motor, you would get right at 1/3 more RPM depending on the load. Motors being so different, some like a little high voltage some like low voltage, about the only way to really know the current draw is to measure it. I would not allow it to run anymore than 10% over rated current. Next is the quality of the motor, some AC motors ran off VFDS run at higher speeds than rated, but again current and load will have a huge effect. But back to your extra 12 volts, the internal components are designed to withstand a certain RPM. However some motors are built to the bare minimum design, others are built to withstand some overload. It's a big jump, but again a series DC motor is load controlled, we don't know the load, and only by measuring it will we. I would say it the chances are the motor lasting is going to go down by the amount of the over voltage. I would suggest you use some type of mechanical transmission to increase the wheel speed which is what I assume you are after. Again this creates different loads, so find a DC amp meter so you know where you are at, and mount it on the kart, a volt meter would be nice also.. A larger driver pulley[or gear] on the motor shaft and a smaller driven pulley [or gear} will give you more RPM at the driven pulley. Just like an automobile, there are transmissions to control the RPMS of the engine, at various speeds along with torque at various speeds. If you go to a bearing supply store, they will have a line of variable adjustable pulleys that can be adjusted in or out to increase or decrease the diameter, you might find a device like that very helpful. Direct drive is smoother and dependent again on the motor, would be a great drive train but you are talking a very sophisticated and expensive motor and controller.
Q:how can we define dynamic eccentricity index in ac motor?
In AC electric machines, it is much more important to detect possible dynamic eccentricity of the air gap. It can be detected by the index of slot frequency vibration component modulation by the rotation frequency harmonics.
Q:How can a DC motor be changed into a three-phase AC motor with good performance?
DC motor is changed to three-phase AC motor:Direct current motors and AC motors are generally unable to replace each other. This is because the DC motor and AC motor of the external characteristics of comparison, there are still very different, compare the relevant information will know.
Q:What determines voltage usage for electric AC motors?
For the mechanical characteristics you want (torque, RPM) you get a motor to suit the power supply you already have. You could change the voltage with a transformer (but not the frequency) to suit an existing motor designed for another voltage, but this is probably not the best option.
Q:wil the alternator act as a motor when i supply AC or DC voltage to it?
In theory it would work. Rotational energy in an alternator turns into DC current. So theoretically, if you put DC current in, rotational energy should come out. Just like spinning an electromagnet inside of coils of wire makes electricity, putting current through the wires rotates the electromagnet. Good luck!
Q:what happend when the stator of ac motor is filled with water in the connector block and inside the motor?
If the motor is filled with water, don't run it. Disassemble the motor and oven bake until the moisture is evaporated. If the motor is immersed while operating, the motor may be burnt. Megger test between line to ground and between two lines. If the insulation resistance is below 1 megohm, the motor may be burnt.
Q:I installed a 750 MFD 70 hz electric motor in AC window unit, old one was 500MFD 60hz - what will happen?
please don't do that with your compressor though with the condenser fan you may get away with it. good luck!

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