ABB DC HIgh Efficiency Motor HXR500PL6

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Commutators and AC/DC?
yes, split ring makes it AC and half-turn refers to when you get to half a turn now the half of the ring that was connected to positive is going to be connected to negative so a switch occurs every half-turn, not actual physical turning of the part. Inside an AC motor, there is a coil and a magnetic field that turns it and it is very much the reverse of half ring. If you take out the half ring nothing can physically turn, but of course the force to turn is still there. You sound badly confused about it, you have to look at Lorentz force on a wire in a magnetic field, and you will see how depending on the direction of current, the wire is pushed up or down, because it is connected in a loop, it goes in a circle, half-way through, if the current direction doesn't change it will want to go back the opposite direction that it came from, but since the direction of the current changes thanks to the half ring, it will continue going in the same direction and makes a full round.
Q:Describe the features,characteristics and applications of an ac motor?
features: windings, armature characteristics: runs on ac power, usually heavy for size applications: washing machines, fans
Q:website that show how a weed weaker motor works?
I'm assuming you mean a weed wacker, in which case there are two different motors to be considered. The first would be an electric, usually AC, motor. These motors work as expected, several coils of wires and magnets. Current flows through the wires inducing a magnetic field, the magnetic field interacts with the magnets and the motor turns. The other type is gasoline driven. Because these machines are relatively small and handheld they typically use a two stroke engine. There is a link to a document below that should give you an understanding of how the two stroke motor works.
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
There are several schemes. The 1. is to change the ratio of the mechanical driving wheel and driven wheel driven by the motor. The 2. is to use mechanical transmission to change the speed of the motor. 3. is to use electronic governor to change the speed of the motor. As for which scheme to use, it depends on your environment.
Q:The difference between a DC motor and an AC motor for a garbage collector
Germany laolunshi food waste processor motor is AC motor. It is dedicated to food waste disposal, LKMS stainless steel motor, never rust, permanent quality. Low operating noise. Oilless bearings, maintenance free for life
Q:electricity coming from electric motor which is taken from rc toy car is it ac or dc?
RC cars usually have DC motors...its simpler to regulate the speed of the car.
Q:How we can estimate the HP of an AC induction traction motor?
Revised later to correct my own confused reading of the question. It is not clear what the given values represent. Is the current a measured value under operating conditions or a value given as the rated current? You can not accurately calculate the rated or actual output power without the efficiency and power factor. You can not even estimate the actual output power without knowing the rated output power. The power factor at rated load will be similar to efficiency estimated for various power ranges in another answer. At less than rated load, power factor and efficiency are less that they are at full load with zero efficiency and nearly zero power factor at no load. If the given current is the rated current, the input is 1500 X 200 X 1.73 = 519 KVA. If you estimate the efficiency and power factor at 0.95 and 0.85, 519 X .94 X .83 = 419 kW output or 419/0.746 = 562 Hp. The best way to estimate rated power from rated current is to look in motor catalogs and match up the current rating with a listing for a similar motor. Catalog data is also useful for accurate estimation of actual load power from actual load current. Re further details: The above paragraph gives an estimate calculation based on continuous ratings for voltage and amps based on 3-phase RMS values. If you know standard power ratings for the type of motor, estimate based on the standard power value nearest to the calculation results; for example 500, 550 or 600 Hp.
Q:BMW Blow Motor AC Problems?
bad ac switch. its not sending the right signals or maybe no signal
Q:Panasonic servo motor A4 series, AC synchronous motor or AC asynchronous motor?
The servo motor can make the control speed and position accuracy very accurate, and the voltage signal can be converted into torque and speed to drive the control object. The servo motor rotor speed control by the input signal, and can respond quickly, in the automatic control system, used as actuators, and electromechanical time constant, high linearity, initiating voltage characteristics, to convert signals received from the motor shaft angular displacement or angular velocity output. Divided into DC and AC servo motor two major categories, the main feature is that when the signal voltage is zero, no rotation phenomenon, the speed increases with the torque and uniform decline.
Q:Does a 1 HP motor draw more wattage than an AC one at the same EMF?
1 HP is 746 watts. It doesn't matter if it is a 120vac motor or a 240vac motor. A 120vac motor will draw 2x the current than a 240vac motor to develop the same HP. A 1 HP, 120v DC motor still draws 746 watts. But a DC motor can't run on AC power, nor can and AC motor run on DC power without some sort of inverter or converter. The matter of efficiency is something else. Some of that power used to develop 1 HP is lost to friction or heat.

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