ABB DC HIgh Efficiency Motor HXR500

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Can a DC series motor operated on AC supply?
If you put the AC supply on a rectifier, a zener and a giant cap it can. You would have to analyze all the components to make sure you are not overloading them. Without that no it won't work. A DC motor goes one direction with positive voltage and the other with negative. The AC supply goes both positive and negative. There is also the fact that AC voltage goes up to about 170 volts. That is probably more than your motor can handle.
Q:how to use capacitor bank, how to synchronous motor as a correction power factor?
In concept, the capacitance/reactance of the corrected circuit is 0, yet there are 2 problems with that. a million) maximum persons have not got something to degree the capacity element, i do no longer. The capacitor could be there purely to extraordinary the priority that happens at motor startup, whilst a heavy inductive load is unexpectedly related to the three area 400V circuit. i does no longer propose poking on the capacitor except you're too qualified to ask this question. a 10 KVA capacitor can electrocute you, despite if the capacity is became off.
Q:how to power an AC geared motor and what is mm in DC?
Current drawn depends on the load, so you just connect it to a 120 VAC line. As long as the current is less than 15 amps. If you want to be careful, connect a fuse in series, with the fuse about 150% of the current rating of the motor. Do you use an amp controller when you plug a light bulb into the 120 VAC line? Re DC motors, the 17 mm is the diameter of the motor. The torque is not listed. I'd not buy a motor without a full datasheet. If none is available, seek a different vendor.
Q:How to run a dc series motor in ac? Will it limit its characteristics?
hi. AC automobiles are designed and outfitted in a different way than DC automobiles. AC automobiles earnings on the 60 hertz clock of a capability line (or 50Hz in different countries) - this suggests the capability line ameliorations stages 60 cases a 2nd - to rotate, whilst DC automobiles are designed with the voltage point utilized. you are able to administration them the two, yet with different skill. the simplest to regulate is the DC motor (replace the skill (the voltage) and it turns slower or quicker.
Q:How can i setup regenerative braking on an AC motor?
I'm pretty sure that the answer to that would not fit in this space. That would be more like a textbook sized answer. You are going to need a sophisticated motor controller—something along the lines of the controllers that are used for servo motors in industrial and robotics applications, except that your controller will need to integrate all of the features of a standard servo motor controller with all of the features of a high-performance battery charging system. If you'd said DC instead of AC, then a short and crude answer would be possible. You can demonstrate DC regenerative braking with a motor that is hooked to a battery through a simple switch that reverses the polarity. If the vehicle is moving along with the switch set to the forward position, and then you suddenly throw the switch to reverse, then the motor will start to apply torque in the opposite direction, slowing the vehicle down, and at the same time, forcing the current in the circuit to flow in the opposite direction—recharging the battery. The same principle applies with a brushless AC motor, except that there's a whole issue of timing and waveforms that must be carefully synchronized with the motor shaft position at all times in order to apply smooth torque in the desired direction.
Q:Why is it that on Ebay, most AC motors are rated for more voltage than DC motors?
I don't think you can justify any global conclusion about the quality of motors based on the observation that 'most' AC motors are rated 120 or 240 v, while most DC motors are rated at lower voltages. In fact, I might hypothesize a totally different global conclusion. First observation, most DC motors are intended for application where they are integrated into a piece of electronic equipment, for example, a computer. Therefore, the motor must be designed to be powered from the DC power supply associated with that equipment. AC motors, on the other hand, may be intended for use in either stand alone applications or applications in equipment that are fundamentally AC systems, for example, HVAC systems. And in these applications, the controls and motors typically operate on the input line voltage, usually 120 or 240 v, and not on some lower voltage derived within the equipment. Therefore, one might speculate that the reason that you see more DC motors listed on e-Bay is that there are more folks out there tinkering with electronic equipment that uses DC power supplies, and where the motors therefore have to be DC.
Q:Bicycle with electric lawnmower motor?
Most ac motors will not run on DC. You could borrow some extension cords from the neighbors and hopefully make it to the end of the block.
Q:1997 Ford Escort LX w/ac heater blower motor?
Get estimates from at least three places. That's what I'd do if I weren't willing or able to do it myself.
Q:When testing a standard AC electric motor, should there be 120 V between the brushes and the stator's wiring?
are you sure its AC? i have never seen an AC motor with brushes.... that's usually DC... either way you should check resistance (ohms) from the hot and neutral and have continuity... usually pretty low depending on the size of the motor... then check for continuity between the hot and the frame of the motor... should be open or then it would be grounded and bad... if you have an open between the hot and neutral either the motor windings are bad or you need new brushes. it is best to disconnect the wiring to the motor directly at the motor junction box to isolate the motor.... if you were to check for continuity at the disconnect and have a broken feeder wire it may make you suspect the motor when it really isn't. you can check the hot wire to the brush, and from where the brush makes contact to the neutral for continuity also
Q:The working principle of AC motor!
The single-phase AC motor has only one winding, and the rotor is squirrel cage. When a single-phase sinusoidal current through the stator windings, the motor generates an alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field strength and direction for sinusoidal variation with time, but the spatial position is fixed, so it is also called the magnetic field is alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be divided into two with the same speed, the rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field are on the contrary, when the rotor is at rest, the two rotating magnetic field generating torque of two equal and opposite in the rotor, the synthetic torque is zero, so the motor rotation. When we use a force of the motor rotation to one direction (e.g., clockwise), the rotor and the clockwise rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field between the motion of cutting magnetic lines becomes smaller; the rotor and the counterclockwise rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field between the motion of cutting magnetic lines becomes large. Thus, the balance is broken, and the total electromagnetic torque generated by the rotor will no longer be zero, and the rotor will rotate in the direction of the push.

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