ABB DC HIgh Efficiency Motor HXR400

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:2000 Accord V6, changed motor mounts, AC not working now?
sure. regrettably you do, yet barely adequate to feed the belt through. carry the engine up and be careful the place you develop it up at. Can injury the oil pan. it is solid aluminum.
Q:Using AC microwave fans to generate energy?
No a drop of electricity can be produced by the AC fan motor took out from microwave oven , because this motor has no magnet inside.
Q:Can I inverse rotation to AC single phase motor? How?
It all depends on if it is a conter and clockwise motor. On some there are 2 sets of 2 wires pluged in to one another. Swap one wire with another and that will reverse your direction.
Q:what size of dc/ac electrical motor would i need to match a 715hpm diesel engine?
It would likely be that a ship would be powered by multiple electric motors rather than a single motor, but even if the specs called for a single motor, yes electric can be made that powerful.
Q:Is it possible to make a wind turbine out of an AC permanent magnet motor?
You can get a transformer to work on DC provided that the DC is varying (or pulsing) . Consider how the coil in a car steps up the 12VDC of a battery to thousands of volts for the spark plugs by pulsing DC through the primary of the coil.. Because the DC motor has a commutator its DC output will resemble that of a full wave rectifier. The variations in the DC will be passed to the secondary of the transformer. Despite feeding a transformer input with pulsating DC, the output of the transformer will be AC so you will need a full or half wave rectifier and it would also help to place a capacitor across the rectifier output to smooth the DC.. Also the power (E * I) input is the same as the output, meaning that if you take 1 V @ 10A (10W) on the input and step it up to 10V at the output you will still have 10W of power at the output which means that the current will drop to 1A. 1V @ 10A in stepped up to 10V @ 1A. Finally as current is supplied from your tiny generator (motor) that current flow will create a counter electromotive force. Simply, as you supply current from your generator it will get harder to turn the generator. Your generator might be turning in a slight breeze now only because there is zero load on it. Once you connect a load (transformer / led etc) you will find that it will take more effort (breeze) to turn the generator. Despite all of the above the step up conversion of the fullwave DC won't be very efficient . Instead of a DC hobby motor as your generator try using a Servo / stepper motor instead. There is no commutator in these types of motors so you should be able to get an AC sine wave output which will be more efficient in stepping up with a transformer.
Q:New blower motor on 7900 coleman gas furance will not turn my fan unless i push the fan with my finger to ge?
I presume the motor is an AC motor. It almost certainly uses a start capacitor to provide the push you are giving it with your finger. The capacitor itself may be bad, but it is even more common to have a bad start contact in the control circuit. The capacitor is only connected long enough to get the rotation going. The first source should help.
Q:torque ratings of 3 phase 480 volt ac motors controlled by vector vfd ?
A vector or even a sensorless vector VFD should be capable of operating a motor from base speed right down to or very nearly to zero speed at 150% of rated torque as calculated from the nameplate speed and power ratings. The current required to produce 150% of rated torque should not exceed 150% of the motor nameplate current. The minimum speed at which the motor can produce rated torque continuously and the maximum time that rated torque can be maintained at stall depends on the specific motor design, particularly the cooling provisions. Motors equipped with a separately powered cooling fan can typically sustain rated torque at zero speed continuously. Manufacturers of VFD rated motors usually have rating curves that show the motor torque vs. speed continuous and intermittent capability.
Q:Three speed motor. How do you switch fan speeds from heat to ac to see if the motor has a bad motor spot.?
I'm not sure what you mean by a bad motor spot. You can normally check this by switching the Auto/On fan switch while the unit is running in the heating mode. You should be able to hear the fan speed change while doing this. Normally your fan is set to low speed for heating and high speed for cooling but this is not always the case. Many times the installer will set the unit to run in high speed all the time. Good luck!
Q:For AC 3 phase motor How can i calculate power in KWH?
Power = voltage x current In a motor you have to factor in the power factor (1 or less) and the effects of the 3-phase wiring. In 3-phase you have the current divided across the phases. Take the total current and multiply by the square root of 3 (about 1.7), you will also need the power factor (if you don't have it, use 1). Use the formula (KW = 1.73 * volts * amperes * power factor/1000). KWH is the power in KWs over time.
Q:why does dc motor has a higher starting and running torque than ac motors?
Why do DC motors have bla bla bla learn the language, please

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