ABB AC Motor Low Voltage M3BP Series

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Q:How do you connect an AC motor?
use the black and white. The others are most likely for the rotation of the armature Or to adjust speeds. Black is the hot side, white is the neutral..
Q:Is the permanent magnet motor a direct current motor or an AC motor?
Because AC motors require a changing magnetic field so that the rotor can be rotated in accordance with the frequency of the alternating current, the permanent magnet can not be used in the AC motor.The magnetic field of a direct current motor can be constant, so permanent magnets can be used.
Q:Who knows about AC alternating current motors?
Look at the name-- ALTERNATING current. It means that it flows in both directions. If you have an AC motor you could hook positive or negative to either side and it would work. It will spin one direction depending on how the coils are wound Direct current on the other hand has a positive and negative side. If you hook up positive and negative to a certain side it will spin what we'll call the normal direction. If you reversed the positive and negative the motor would spin opposite of the normal direction. AC can be turned into DC by the use of a diode, or something called a bridge rectifier. Put simply, it limits the flow of the current so that it turns the alternating current which is going both ways, into direct current (DC) which only goes one way.
Q:What will happen when we give more voltage but same power into an AC motor ?
The most commonly used AC motors are induction or synchronous motors. Their speed is determined by the frequency of the supply and not by the voltage. If 200 VAC is the motor's rated voltage, then doubling the voltage to 400 would theoretically mean that the current needed to supply the load torque is reduced to half. So (in an elementary consideration) nothing would happen to speed but current would be halved and power would be the same. it is anyway the load which basically determines the power required - i.e. you don't give the power in, it is the load which draws it from the source via the motor. In practice however the above would not work. The doubled voltage would need to double the flux in the motor to generate a back-emf. It could not do this because the magnetic circuit would run severely into saturation. You would get some reduction in the current needed to supply the load but a large increase in magnetising current. Windings and core would overheat quite fast and fairly soon you'd burn out the motor due to insulation failure. The insulation design would be based on 200V and a certain temperature limit (say 130 C). At double voltage and under overheating it would not hold out long. If it held long enough, then the core (at high saturation) would eventually burn out.
Q:Why does high-speed rail use AC traction motors in China?
Synchronous excitation motor, more devices, more annoying, generally used in firepower, water power plants. It can be said that the world's larger power motors (1MW or more), basically all communication. The power generation is basically synchronous, and the motor is basically asynchronous. In addition, I give you a data, the world about 70% of the power consumption of the motor, there are 70% of which is asynchronous motor.
Q:Does a 1 HP motor draw more wattage than an AC one at the same EMF?
1 HP is 746 watts. It doesn't matter if it is a 120vac motor or a 240vac motor. A 120vac motor will draw 2x the current than a 240vac motor to develop the same HP. A 1 HP, 120v DC motor still draws 746 watts. But a DC motor can't run on AC power, nor can and AC motor run on DC power without some sort of inverter or converter. The matter of efficiency is something else. Some of that power used to develop 1 HP is lost to friction or heat.
Q:P0480 code Condenser fan motor is hot to touch. It will run for a few minutes when AC is turned on. Could it b?
It would be a good idea to replace the fan motor. Its probably the cause of the overload that kicks out your relay which really shouldn't be happening. It should blow the fuse and probably will soon enough. The relay will also cut out when the compressor cycles which would be normal. The fan motor will get hot when running but it shouldn't be making any abnormal noises.
Q:what kind of motor is which when its stoped i cant move the axis with forcing it to move with my hand and...?
An ordinary AC motor with a spring set brake works like that. When no power is applied, a spring presses brake pads against the brake rotor which is attached to the motor shaft. When power is applied, a solenoid overcomes the force of the spring and pulls the brake pads away from the brake rotor so that the motor shaft is free to turn.
Q:How do I know whether the motor is a direct current motor or an AC motor?
Look at the nameplate, such as AC 220, V is AC motor, DC 220 V is DC motor!
Q:What should be the resistances of 6 combinations of 3 wires of a 3 - phase AC motor connected in star config ?
Whatever combination you use, typically the star is 1/3 the resistance of the delta. hth.

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