ABB AC Motor HXR 500LP6 Series

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Q:How to test an AC motor ?
Put everything back the way it was, and use the ON/OFF switch to test it.
Q:Is the motor of a washing machine AC or DC? ?
In the UK the universal series motor is commonly found on mains operated washing machines. This motor will operate on both AC or DC. A universal series motor of this type is easily identified by the carbon brushes supplying current to the armature winding check out the pictures on the website below
Q:Are there Unordinary AC motors out there (PART2)?
My previous answer should have been: Mechanical Power (kilowatts) = Torque (newton-meters) X Speed (RPM) / 9549 or Mechanical Power (watts) = Torque (newton-meters) X Speed (RPM) / 9.549 Using the correct units/decimal location Power at peak torque = 55 X 500 / 9.549 = 2880 watts Torque at rated power = 735 X 9.549 / 500 = 14 N-m Torque for 1500 RPM connection = 2035 X 9.549 / 1500 = 12.95 N-m
Q:How does a 3 phase AC induction motor act as a generator?
Hi, A 3 phase induction runs in generating mode under the condition: when the motor slip becomes negative i.e. (s < 0). In other words, a 3 phase induction motor runs in generating mode when the rotor speed is made to exceed the speed of rotating magnetic flux i.e. the synchronous speed. Such condition can be achieved by coupling the rotor with a prime mover like any engine or another motor and then, run it at a speed higher than the synchronous speed. Under such condition,the motor is known as Induction Generator.
Q:Do household AC motors (mixer, vacuum cleaner, etc) work as electricity generators if used in reverse?
AC motors would require some internal rewiring to act as generators. The short answer is No
Q:Running a 240v AC motor from the mains?
In the US you have 115 volts, the 240 v motor will run but will not have it's full power at the shaft. When a load is connected up to the rated load it will overload the motor and it will burn out.
Q:DC Motor Question?
The commutator is made of segments. This is what causes the magnetic field to change polarity as the armature turns and so maintains an opposite force between the armature and field. A universal motor has a commutator and can be used on ac or dc. Some dc motors are permanent magnet motors and cannot be used on ac. Another family of motors is induction motors. These can only be used on ac and don't have the commutator, in fact there is no electrical connection (usually) between the rotor (rotating armature) and the stator (static field). The ac terms were derived from dc since motors were first made only for dc.
Q:how to get a 110 ac electric motor to start?
Possibly one of the coils in the motor has burned out... the wire in it will not conduct electrivity
Q:Is there a filter for noise through AM radio caused by EMI of AC motor?
Am Radio Interference Filter
Q:Derive the transfer function of ac servo motor?
go through slides 21-25 for exact derivation

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