ABB AC Motor High Voltage HXR500

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Q:my ac fan motor changes directions each time it stop and start?
All ac motors have the ability to spin in both directions. Its however the start windings that force it to go in one direction. To me is sounds like the capasitor is not working or the connections are dirty going to it.
Q:Which standard rules the data that must be in a AC motor nameplate?
The USA standard (motors rated in horsepower) is NEMA MG1 International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60034 covers motors rated in kilowatts.
Q:Can I use this router speed controller to vary a small DC motors speed?
costly pa, thank you, am effective such as then you pa am one dc tension manufacture effective in actuality am run the dc motor from its base velocity to its rated velocity by utilising area administration use thyristor i.e. right here the dc motor controlled from AC enter to dc output we are saying because it quite is rectifier yet on your case use proper capability transistor administration by utilising the generated pulses.
Q:2003 Cadillac ext. can not control my blower motor on the ac?
If the blower will only run on high, it's a bad resistor. If the blower doesn't run at all, it's a bad blower motor.
Q:Where can I find advice on troubleshooting ac induction motors?
Induction motors are about as simple as they get. Pretty much just a couple of coils of wire. If it runs okay and has trouble starting, it pretty much has to be the cap. That being said, some have a switch contact inside that closes when stopped to place the cap in circuit and opens when revs pick up taking the cap out of the circuit. Usually it will be a spring loaded contactor. If you have one, just inspect and clean as needed.
Q:what is the ac blower motor resister for.?
I THINK that it is right behind the blower motor under the dash. Follow the harness from the blower motor and it will lead you right to it. Hope that helps! Matt
Q:how to know the hp of an ac electric motor?
1 horsepower (hp) = 745.699872 Watts Therefore, 580 Watts = 0.777792812 hp.
Q:what is an ac motor and what is its function?
An AC motor is an electric motor that runs on alternating current, used in most homes and businesses. There are several different types, e.g .induction motor, squirrel cage, universal, 3-phase. Try wikipedia. The basic principle is electric coils generating magnetic fields which push on other coils to make them turn.
Q:Why is my heat inducer/motor running while my AC is turned on at the thermostat?
Sounds like a bad control board. The relay for the inducer motor is on that board. If the board shorts many will turn the inducer motor on as a safety. No flame up on heat is another symptom, since the inducer must be off when you call for heat. If the board is bad no A/C is also a symptom.
Q:what are the applications of ac dynamic braking?
Do you mean vehicle braking? Not as good as DC dynamic braking, which for vehicles, means you can recover the energy and store it in a battery. AC, you have to dissipate it in a resistor or in the generator itself.

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