ABB AC Motor High Low Voltage NV Series

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Can the voltage regulating module be used as AC motor speed regulation?
Ordinary three-phase AC motor (commonly used three-phase AC asynchronous motor) is the stator winding into three-phase alternating current, resulting in a rotating magnetic field (the rotation of the magnetic field speed n=60f/p, also known as synchronous speed). The rotating magnetic field is relative to the rotor winding (usually the squirrel cage winding), and the rotor winding induces the rotor induced current due to the electromagnetic induction principle. The rotor current produces a tangential torque under the influence of the magnetic field, so the rotor spins.
Q:Making an Electric Motor Spin Faster?
An AC motor can be made to spin faster by increasing the frequency or the number of poles or sometimes by increasing the horsepower or lessening the mechanical resistance. A DC motor can be made to spin faster by increasing the voltage and the resulting current.
Q:how does a tesla induction motor work?
There are no AC motors in an automobile. DC power is produced in an automobile by an alternator. An automobile alternator is a 3-phase, wound-field synchronous generator that converts mechanical power from the engine to AC power. The AC power is converted to DC power by s simple rectifier that is usually mounted inside the alternator.
Q:How to synchronize two ordinary AC motors?
I'm afraid it's not easy. Ordinary AC motors are asynchronous motors. Two identical motors, when the load is exactly the same, and at the same time, it is possible to synchronize, but this synchronization is prone to damage. Personal view, for reference only.
Q:Dodge Magnum Owners: Do you guys notice the loud AC motor? It is driving me nuts!?
There is no AC motor on any car, What the heck are you talking about? that's why you received no answer! You don't even say what year it is, Are you talking about A/C System? The compressor? I advise that you rephrase your question
Q:what are the diffences between a synchronous and induction motor?
A synchronous motor operates with a winding in its rotor which is connected to an external resistor for speed control during start-up, while an induction motor, squirrel caged type has no external resistor. The rotor windings are short-circuited at the ends and is like a squirrel. The speed of a synchronous motor has no slippage. 2,poles-3600 rpm; 4-poles-1800 rpm; 6poles-1200 rpm while an induction motor has a slip speed, 2poles- 3540 rpm; 4 poles-1750 rpm; 6poles-1150 rpm.A synchronous motor always operates with carbon brushes, while induction motors may have none.Synchronous motors are usually rated at least 100Hp, while, induction motors may be rated in fractional Hp.
Q:what happens to a DC motor if connected across to an AC supply?
i am gonna forget yuo even asked that question........... hey pal get a clue some questions when asked can really make the person asking that question look alot more stupid then you really are............. so as to keep this from happening to you again dont go public with your question and you wont have to hear me ask you what did you just flop out of a tuna boat..........what a maroon...solong einstein hey sorry I was just giving you a hard time you want to know the answer do some research and you will find it will stay in your head a lot longer then having it handed to you
Q:How to connect a 220V AC electric motor?
The labeling is ambiguous, and the motor lacks a dedicated ground. Your assumption seems correct. The blue wires are the Capacitor on the load side of the terminal block. Don't alter the load side. Connect neutral to the center (0) terminal on the supply side, and Line 1 (220VAC ungrounded) to terminal 1 or 2 depending on desired rotation. Ground the motor's frame.
Q:central ac bearings in fan blower motor?
Blower Motor Bearings
Q:why ac superconducting motors are common and not dc?
A direct current (dc) motor is nothing more than an alternating current (ac) motor with a commutator. It is far more efficient to electronically convert dc to ac to drive an ac motor than to use a dc motor for high power applications. - An old electric power engineer.

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