ABB AC HIgh Efficiency Motor HXR500PL6

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Blower motor will not work.. blows nothing ac or heat what to do?
Try switching your wall thermostat fan switch to the on position. That is suppose to make your fan run 24/7. If it starts then your stat is not always making the connection in the auto position, and you need a new stat. If it still won't work, remove the cover of your furnace and trying spinning the motor by hand(w/ switch back in on). If it starts then you either have a dead spot in your motor windings, or a bad motor start capactior. If the motor is old your better off just replacing both. Unfortunately you can't go and get a motor just anywhere, but you can get a stat at a hardware store. If you need a motor check on the furnace manufacure's website for a parts dealer in your area.
Q:How do you connect an AC motor to a rotating device to create energy?
When I read the short version of the question: How do you connect an AC motor to a rotating device to create an energy source? I was ready to answer it: While you can't create energy you can convert the mechanical energy of the rotating device to electrical energy. While typical AC motors are not designed to be good alternators (AC generators), if you are lucky one can use a motor, just connect it to your rotating device (perhaps a flexible coupling or belt drive would be a good idea to make alignment easier) and see if electricity comes out. If it doesn't, a short pulse of DC may get it started. But again, it may take some luck to get a motor to work. If you actually had a rotating device that was transforming some other source of energy (maybe falling water, wind, steam, etc.) you would be better off buying an alternator that was designed to be an alternator, for small projects a used automotive alternator might work. But then I read magnetic wheel or a gravitational wheel. This creates a problem for making an energy source, but you could use it to make an energy sink (or space heater), in this case the motor will be ideal, connect the motor to your device and to the electricity provided by you local utility, then your magnetic wheel or a gravitational wheel will convert power supplied by the utility to heat. Perhaps not much heat if you have good bearings, but even then, hysteresis effects or just air resistance will cause some drag.
Q:How do reversible gear motors work?
Usually a two direction motors are three phase motors thou it can be single phase motor but with three phase motor its easy to control. This if it works on AC currant. It also can be DC that is easer to control. 3 phases AC motor you can reverse the direction of rotation by switching two phases instead of U V W you have to make it U W V or any other combination. And it will reverse you can achieve this with a switch to give an order to a contactor to do the switching. Note that you may need a time delay to make the switching to have the motor at complete stop before reversing. Single-phase motor is very complicated process I think no one do this. A DC motor is easy you just switch the + to – and the – to + then it will reverse this can be achieved by a change over switch. Also you can use the change over switch for the 3-phase motor.
Q:How can you tell if a shaded pole AC motor is bad?
I I hope that helps.
Q:Torque in AC motors (synchronous and induction)?
The torque equation applies for DC motors and synchronous AC motors, but no induction motors.
Q:How do ordinary AC motors brake?
Energy consumption brakingWhen the motor cuts off the AC power supply, a DC power supply is added to any two of the stator winding to generate a stationary magnetic field, and the stationary magnetic field is generated by the inertia rotation of the rotor to produce a braking torque.
Q:website that show how a weed weaker motor works?
I'm assuming you mean a weed wacker, in which case there are two different motors to be considered. The first would be an electric, usually AC, motor. These motors work as expected, several coils of wires and magnets. Current flows through the wires inducing a magnetic field, the magnetic field interacts with the magnets and the motor turns. The other type is gasoline driven. Because these machines are relatively small and handheld they typically use a two stroke engine. There is a link to a document below that should give you an understanding of how the two stroke motor works.
Q:how does the wiring of a brushless motor work (light weight for a plane)?
These motors will not work without the control board. The motor is actually a 3 phase AC motor, the control board provides the battery conversion to 3 phase, and varies the supply frequency for speed control. So each wire is connected to a separate winding in the motor. I don't know whether the windings are connected in a star or delta configuration, though. Maybe either might be used. There are brushless DC motors about, but generally only low power ones. They only have 2 wires. The necessary switching functions usually done by carbon or metal brushes, are done by internal electronics instead. They are common in motors such as computer fans.
Q:If you manually turn an AC motor instead of sending current through it, the motor acts like a...?
You might have bigger fish to fry before to long-- you're probably going to lose your intake manifold gaskets sometime down the road. There was a TSB issued on this problem in earlier models (and I believe the 2004 as well), and thousands of people have been having costly repairs that GM won't cover even though they've known of the problem for some time. It has to do with the Dexcool coolant they put in there (long life coolant) which has somehow been attacking the gasket, leading to a leak-- possibly an internal leak where the coolant gets into your oil and creates the potential for a very bad condition called hydrolock. Further, GM may void your warranty if you flush and oil-change all that stuff out and replace it with the green classic antifreeze.Watch for dropping coolant levels even if you don't see any drips and have that engine checked and replace the gaskets with Felpro replacements. Suggestion-- get thee away from the GM. I threw in some Bars Leak and stuck a FOR SALE sign on mine. Cheap, dirty repair? Dang skippy. I'm not wasting a plug nickel on the thang. That's GM's baby. Nissan is much better and they stand behind their cars. GM needs to stand in front of theirs.
Q:does a 1/2 hp dc motor produce the same torque as a 1/2 hp ac motor?
If the 1/2 hp is a measure of shaft hp, fair chance both will be pretty much identical. If you change to DC, you must have a source of DC. I'm just wondering where you would get that DC from!

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