ABB AC DC HIgh Efficiency Motor HXR500

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:I need to convert DC power to AC?
Transistors are regularly not used to transform AC to DC. Diodes / rectifiers are used. A diode is form of a one way valve - it is going to enable a mind-blowing going area of the AC with the aid of and block the unfavourable element. the effect is a pulsating beneficial voltage on the different edge of the diode. this is noted as 0.5 wave rectification - if 4 diodes are utilized in what's noted as a bridge, comprehensive wave rectification can ensue. in this way, each and each of the AC sign is switched over to a mind-blowing DC voltage. Capacitors are then placed in parallel with the output to soft out the humps and bumps of the rectified AC voltage.
Q:Can I use this router speed controller to vary a small DC motors speed?
costly pa, thank you, am effective such as then you pa am one dc tension manufacture effective in actuality am run the dc motor from its base velocity to its rated velocity by utilising area administration use thyristor i.e. right here the dc motor controlled from AC enter to dc output we are saying because it quite is rectifier yet on your case use proper capability transistor administration by utilising the generated pulses.
Q:What were people doing (using) before the invention of the AC induction motor?
Animal power. petrol and diesel engines.steam engines etc...
Q:how to know the ac motor connection?whether its star or delta?
A lot of motors have 6 wires for the three windings, so you can connect them as star or delta, as required with a star delta starter. The voltage ratings will tell you though. If it is a 380V, 415V, 440V etc. motor and it is connected as star it has a lot less power. If its 220 you have to figure out whether that was for a 127/220 or a 220/380 system. As a check, ((W x 1/PF) / Amps) from the nameplate gives the phase to neutral voltage, or W/A is close enough to tell. Always check the running current when you have installed a motor. Don't forget that the phase rotation may be important for a pump. If a water pump goes backwards there is steam and boiling water everywhere.
Q:connections for simple ac reversable motor?
The motor is constructed with 2 different windings in it so that it can reverse. There is a relation between the rotor and the stator; the stator has essentially 2 different windings. the only 2 things I can suggest is take it to a motor repair shop. Maybe they'll be familiar with it and tell you right there. Or you'd have to contact the manufacturer for specific wiring construction/ info. I always mark the wires before disassembly.
Q:Along with coils in a 7.5 HP AC motor, Are magnets are used?
7.5 HP AC motor does not need any permanent magnets. Same to all different kinds of AC motor, they do not need permanent magnets. But a small AC generator needs permanent magnets.
Q:3phase AC Induction Motor derating or Upgrading the Insl class, according to ambient temperature rise?
In theory the heat dissipation is linear, so an increase in ambient of 10C (aka 10K) will cause the winding temperature to increase by the same amount. Yes, you can use a higher insulation class throughout to allow the motor to run hotter. If you are not the motor manufacturer, ask the manufacturer what they would recommend.
Q:Main structure of AC motor
The core is: the magnetic circuit of the motor, the iron core is fixed on the frame, a silicon steel sheet surface insulation Die pressing, punching a uniform circular notch of silicon steel sheet, for stator winding. Stator winding: the circuit part of an electric motor.
Q:susuki forenza 2005 if I remove AC?
Sure. Get a belt for a non-AC model or one of those AC delete setups (pulley, etc) if you could find one for that car.
Q:What happens to a stator wound AC permanent magnet motor when the rotor is removed but still powered?
You will have an energised choke in one place and a rotor that is still spinning due to intertia but slowing down due to friction. With no rotor load the power consumption will go down. Probably. In real life the rotor would go out of control as you tried to disassemble the motor while working and it would shatter into little bits.

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