750KVA Diesel Power Generator, Generator 600KW for Sale

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Product Description:

With Cummins engine KT38-GA generator 600kw

is adopted the B,N,K series engine(sino-us JVC),and widely used in army,engineering,mining industry,more 

reliable,economic.As the top one of JVC in China diesel gen-sets industry,Donfeng Cummins Engine Co,Ltd

(for B,C,L series)&Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd(for M.N.K series) are its branches.


750kva diesel power generator,generator 600kw for sale

Product Description


1. The main parameters of Cummins generator 600kw

The model of the unit:   




Rated voltage: 


Rated current: 


Rated frequency:  


The factor of rated power  


The regulating rate of steady voltage: 


The regulating rate of instantaneous voltage: 

≤-10%/ +15%

The time of steady voltage: 


The waving rate of voltage: 


The regulating rate of steady frequency: 


The regulating rate of instantaneous frequency: 


The time of steady frequency:  


The waving rate of frequency: 


The waste of fuel with full load:  







2.The main parameters of the Cummins generator 600kw engine






four strokes, waste gas turbine boost,direct spurting type

Cooling way:  

water cooling 

With Type:  


Bore *Trip :




Lubricating oil capacity: 




Rotating speed:  

1500r/min or 1800r/min

The regulation of rotating speed:  

Electronic speed

Starting way:  

DC24V starting with electricity



3.The main parameters of the alternator for Cummins generator 600kw




brushless (AVR automatic voltage regulating)

The connecting way of the phase:

three phases four lines 

Insulation degree: 

H degree

Grading Protection: 



Engine Feature for Cummins generator 600kw 

1.Diesel, heavy-duty, four stroke, water cooled and direct injection fuel system
2.24/12V D.C starter and charger alternator   
3.Industrial capacity exhaust silencer supplied loose with flexible section         

4.Engine driven cooling fan with protection guard       

5.Steel wire braided fuel lines, vent and rain fittings                                           

6.Set mounted acid battery installed with leads and terminals


Alternator Feature for Cummins generator 600kw

1.Brushless self excited, single bearing, 4 poles            
2.Class H insulation                                                
3.IP21/23 protection standard                                      
4.Self-exciting and self-regulating                                

 5.Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)


Control System for Cummins generator 600kw

1.manual / auto start and protection module 
2.Equipped with Deep Sea,ComAp,Harsen,Smartgen famous control systems.

3.New integrated controllers in manual and remote start application.

4.Featuring full gen-set monitoring and protection.

5.Powerful graphic display, Icons, symbols and bar graphs 

6. High functionality set new standards in gen-set control.

750KVA Diesel Power Generator, Generator 600KW for Sale

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Q:Which would make more sense? Converting diesel electric trains to biodiesel, or?
So you people don't really read any of these postings do you? How many times do we have to answer the same questions? Bio diesel is not the way to replace fuel oil (diesel). There is not enough acreage in the USA to grow the amount of crops, any crops, to make bio fuels to power the existing fleet of vehicles much less the future fleet. And carrying water on locomotives is very inefficient. Steam Engines (Sterling Engines) are a very efficient means of moving huge vehicles. That is why they use nuclear/steam to power air craft carriers but hauling water to make steam cuts the payload so much that it becomes unprofitable. Why would we want to go back in time and technology? We can go to plug in electric powered vehicles that are charged by photovoltaic panels at your home or work. And, naysayers pay attention to this, Linear Electric Drive would power long distance and heavy hauling.
Q:job power plant operator using a diesel?
Diesel Motor turns a AC Generator. Diesel Motor turns a Water Pump, for Cooling.
Q:Doesn't anyone know the answer? how long can one be in a room full of diesel fumes and survive?
It's okorder
Q:Why don't we have a Hybrid Car that gets 100MPG+ today in 2010?
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Q:What is the maximum power of a diesel generator
The diesel is ignited and the mixture is heated and the volume is rapidly expanding.
Q:What refrigerator uses the least amount of electricity. (domestic or foreign)?
the one with the lowest wattage rating, either domestic or foreign. just make sure it is made to work with the output of your generator ie; voltage and cycles
Q:Solar powered or diesel CoGen turbines?
You can use a diesel generator set to generate power and the exhaust to heat or boil water. You could also use an air craft derivative gas turbine converted to diesel or jet fuel and make steam or hot water with the exhaust.
Q:Need help with my portable generator - no power output?
Some have safety fuses or circuit breakers to safeguard Voltage spikes. Check also for a switch which enables the generator once the deisel moter has been started. This link may help as well
Q:Tolong bantu ya ?
Yes mate, top notch genset that one.
Q:what is the relation between horsepower of a diesel engine and its fuel consumption?
Go to some diesel engine websites. They should have the fuel consumption in terms of brake horsepower hours.

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