72.5~550KV GIS Current Transformer

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300 unit/month

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Product Description:

Product model: 72.5 ~ 550 kvgis using current transformer
Product features: the product is 72.5 ~ 550 kv metal as a 

current transformer in a closed combination electric appliance 

components.I company of current transformer winding executive standard:
GB1208-1997 "current transformer" (China standard)
Mutual - 1:2003 "Current transformers (the international 

electrotechnical commission standard)
British Standard BS 3938-3938 in X (British Standard)
IEC44-6-1992 Requirement for protective cruuent transformers
For transient performance (the international electrotechnical commission standard)
GB16847-1997 "protective current transformer transient 

characteristic technical requirements" (China standard)
ANSI/IEEE C57.13 transformer technical requirements (American standard)
Technical parameters:
Rated primary current: 100 ~ 100

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