5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

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Item specifice:

LED dimming power: 5W 7W

Product Description:

Product model: ZX-G0701-T

Input parameters: AC 50-60HZ 

Output parameters: 300mA 15-25DC 

Output power: 5W 6W 7W

Dimming range: 1%-100% (applicable to the vast majority of dimming device)

Product size: long * wide * high =40*17*17mm

Product use: This product is suitable for E27 GU10 and other ball bulb lamp controlled silicon dimming lamps and lanterns can be equipped with the shell used in ceiling lamps, etc.

Product features:

2, constant current output

3, with isolated transformer, the human body is more secure

4, the use of import program (NXP2012) design, quality and stability, light adjustment effect of the whole process without flash

5, the life of more than 50000HR

6, with perfect over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection function

7, with moisture, dust function

8, can be in -40 C, +65 C environment stable work

9, in accordance with the RoHS standard

5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

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Q:What is the difference between non-isolated flyback switching power supplies and isolated switched-mode power supplies.
Although the optocoupler is also a way to isolate, but in the switching power supply are generally speaking of the voltage isolation. Two isolation is different: the role of optocoupler is mainly to prevent the back of the DC high voltage feedback to the control circuit in the burn control circuit; isolation transformer role: 1, play a role in isolation 2, from the role of filtering; The role of pressure
Q:Switching power supply maintenance methods can be divided into several steps
1, repair switching power supply, first with a multimeter to detect whether the power components breakdown short circuit, such as power rectifier bridge reactor, switch, high-frequency high-power rectifier; suppression of inrush current high-power resistance is blown. And then check the output voltage port resistance is abnormal, the above parts need to be replaced if damaged.
Q:Switching power supply, 2SC3320 switch tube is always burned
  7. Switch tube emission limit current resistance is too small        8. The switching voltage is damaged        9. Damage to the rectifier bridge        10. The insulation between the switch and the heat sink is poor        11. Switch tube performance or power is too small        12. B + rectifier diode is damaged        13. The input AC voltage is too high or too low Key Positive feedback is too strong to detect C10A, C10B, R14, R101
Q:How to solve the switching power supply MOS tube and transformer temperature rise is too high
The heat loss of the switch tube is caused by the loss. The loss of the switch tube is composed of two parts: the switching process loss and the on-state loss. The reduction of the on-state loss can reduce the on-state loss by selecting the switch with low on-resistance. The process loss is caused by the gate charge size and the switching time, which reduces the switching process loss by selecting a device with a faster switching speed and a shorter recovery time. But more importantly, through the design of better control methods and buffer technology to reduce the loss, such as the use of soft-switching technology, can greatly reduce this loss. Reduce the heat of the power diode, the AC rectifier and the buffer diode, under normal circumstances will not have better control technology to reduce the loss, you can choose high-quality diode to reduce the loss.
Q:Ming Wei switching power supply is why use?
Regardless of the brand of switching power supply, the function is the same, to the equipment power supply, the general electrical equipment no matter what the external input is 110v or 2200v AC, the internal power are DC, usually with positive and negative 24v, 15v 5v And so on, switching power supply, is the exchange of alternating current into a stable DC for the use of equipment
Q:What is the difference between what we usually call switching power and ups?
Use is not the same, the function is more different. Not in the same breath.
Q:How to check the switching power supply leakage current
Insulation tester (pressure value) Vin to GND Vout to GND Vin tested against Vout separately Test the voltage transferred to your power corresponding to the standard on the line. You will see the leakage current in the insulation tester display value.
Q:12V switching power supply, which brands through 3C certification?
Now basically is not the cottage products are 3C certification it They are not allowed to recommend or choose the manufacturers of products are generally more insurance Canada is the Great Wall is very good
Q:The meaning of the lines of the computer switching power supply
Color can not explain the problem, depends on the line of English Caixing
Q:Charger, switching power supply, power adapter these three different?
Charger, switching power supply, power adapter can (but not necessarily) is a thing, Switching power supply is to pay attention to the internal characteristics of the items, the charger is to pay attention to his use, power adapter is highlighted as the main equipment of the auxiliary. Such as ---- porcelain bowl --- switching power supply ------ refers to the bowl is made of porcelain       Rice bowl --- charger ------- refers to the use of the bowl (Note that the charger is not a switching power supply to do, rice bowl also has a glass bowl)       Tableware --- power adapter -------- refers to the service for the meal (power adapter also has a transformer AC output, the ordinary linear rectifier regulator output, as well as battery box. Tableware also has dish, spoon, etc. )

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