3D2D-S Type Ultra High Pressure Plunger Pump

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The pump 3D2D is impoved on the basis of the pump 3D2A and the liquid end is newly designed into a horizontal and straight-line manifold, which solved the problem of manifold strength very successfully with the characteristics of compact structure, easy to operate and maintain. The pump is suited for ultra-high pressure water jetting, metal cutting, shipping rust elimination, condenser, heat exchanger, evaporation pot, and boiler cleaning in the suger and power plant as well as various vessels and reactors. The medium to be pumped can ne clean water, emulsion and some other chemical liquids.

Our company is the drafting company of the Chinese high pressure pump Industry Standard.

Our products have a wide range of applications, such as 

1. Industrial pipe cleaning 

2.Shipyard rust removal, paint removal

4.Aviation: expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluid on runways cleaning.

5.hydropower station/ dam/dike concrete work treating.

6.Casting clean scale removal rust removal paint, removal sand.

7. Pipe pressure test, hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc.

Our company has passed European CE Certificate, ISO9001:2000 certificate,ISO 14001:2004 certificate, and AAA Credit Rating Certificate. It’s a member of Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA) in USA and National Standarlization 

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Q:The car is changing the oil, there is not clean flow, and finally take the pump blow down?
In general, the first oil car replacement within 2000 kilometers, after every 5000 km for a regular maintenance, maintenance time is to change the oil and filter, air filter 5000~10000 km replaced once every 5000 kilometers, I put a lot of people, not heavy as air filter, not long change, just out of temper even if, in fact it is saving money to spend a lot of money, do not often change the air filter on engine life and fuel consumption impact. As for the gasoline filter, you can not change it, usually every 50000 kilometers or every year for the winter fast (high-grade cars suggest 1~2 km replacement). As for gear box oil, the manufacturer standard is generally 20000 kilometers a change, and even suggest change once every year on the line, about 50000 kilometers.Other is 50 thousand kilometers or so change spark plug, 6~8 million kilometers change belt, about 100 thousand kilometers to do a big maintenance.Add: 1~2 million kilometers down a tire, front and rear wheel replacement, 50 thousand kilometers to do a four wheel positioning. The tire life is generally 8~10 km.No matter which brand of engine oil, there is a standard model. Oil specification is: SF type: suitable for economical car and micro van; type SJ: more than ten million mid-range cars; type SL: Audi BMW, Mercedes and other luxury cars.
Q:Truck air pump slowly
Truck air pump inflation may be due to:One, gas road leakage; leakage occurs mainly in the exhaust valve, pipe joints and so on. At this point, the diagnosis can be heard first, the obvious leakage of wind, it is easy to find.If the leakage of gas, there is no obvious sound, you can wash clothes with water, soaked with sponge, deposited in the pipe joints, where there is a leak, there is a bubble blown out. At this point, the fastening joint can be.Two, if not pipeline leak, that is, the air pump is broken, need to go to a professional repair plant replacement maintenance.
Q:Where does the Audi A8 pump the fuse?
Landlord, ah, this is the other insurance together, in front of the copilot, you can look at.
Q:Air pump has been installed oil-water separator, in the process of spraying, there are small dots, how to do?
Now there is a heated oil-water separator that can completely solve the dots that appear during the painting process!
Q:Centrifugal fan can use as a pump? It can vacuum?
Also, the vacuum is not low, and barely scrape together. Mainly depends on your technical requirements.
Q:How can I solve the water in the air pump?
Air pump, that is, air compressor, are specialized water switch, as long as the things connected, the waterproof screw off, you can put the water off. The general drain screws are at the bottom of the air pump.
Q:10Kg air compressor is equivalent to the big air pump
The amount of air determines the size of the air compressor, and the size of the pressure does not determine the size of the compressor.Air compressor: an air compressor is a device for compressing gases. The air compressor is similar to the pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating plugs, rotating blades, or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.
Q:How does the CHINT CJX21210 control the starting of the air pump?
That is greater than 0.8M contact is usually open without gas, the pressure is equal to 0.6 to 0.8M pressure, you need to open the compressor gas, this signal by the pressure gauge with contact type XY100 switch. I want to ask you, master contactor after live, it is necessary to self-locking to gas to 0.8M, but after the 0.8M, you need another contactor, the front of the self-locking contactor disconnect And how do A1 and A2 connect to the L line or the N line? Specific wiring diagram, it is better to have a diagram indicating SORRY
Q:I want to change the refrigerator compressor to the air pump and ask for the wiring method
Originally how to answer, now still want to connect like that
Q:Method for using an air pump
I. subject, content and scope of application: this standard specifies the safety operation requirements of the air pump, and applies to all air pump operations.Two. All the valves and instrument safety devices in the air pump must be complete and in good condition and regularly checked and corrected. The lubricating oil used is in accordance with the regulations and will be replaced regularly.Three. The air pump must have a safe safety cover, a zero or ground wire.Four. Before use, should carefully check the electrical and mechanical components of normal, adequate oil, gas tank without leakage, open welding phenomenon, the valve should be reliable and effective.Five. Do not wipe, touch, adjust, tighten, press or rotate parts during operation.Six. The power supply shall be cut off and the gas in the gas tank shall be discharged.Seven. Safety seal off valve leak during operation, abnormal sound, smell or aging, corrosion of the air pump to repair after correction.Eight. Check regularly to remove the carbon dioxide in the air compressor: usually 3~6 months to clear once, remove carbon deposits, please use neutral detergent or 1:15 soapy water, strictly prohibit the use of oil, kerosene and other flammable oil.Nine. Pressure machine air filter cover, should always clean and dredge prevent clogging, cleaning and dredging should be shut down, do not start cleaning and dredging.Ten. The use of air pump should be placed in the fresh air, ventilation and good benefits, strictly prohibited in the air mixed with flammable and explosive gases and dust in a serious environment.Eleven. Special management of air pump, regular maintenance and repair.

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