3528 SMD LED Diode

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$4.12 - 51.50 / pc
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100 Meters pc
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100000 Meters Per Month pc/month

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General Introduction

3528 smd led diode 


  1. Long life span of over 50,000 hours;

  2. Flexible & slim form, cut table at every 3LEDs;

  3. with 3M self-adhesive tape for easy installation onto most flat surfaces;

  4. Emit higher brightness at lower cost with super bright SMD Led’s;

  5. Produce even color between strips at the tightest color tolerances;

  6. Low heat generation, no heat damage.



- 3528/5050SMD

- 60leds/m,120leds/m,240leds/m

- Color:W/R/B/Y/G/P/RGB/Dream/Full color



LED 3528 60leds strips DC12V/4.8W
JJ-3528R-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MRed
JJ-3528Y-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MYellow
JJ-3528B-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MBlue
JJ-3528G-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MGreen
JJ-3528WW-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MWarm White
JJ-3528PW-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MPure White
JJ-3528CW-L60PCB1003*8MM 60LEDs/MCool White
JJ-3528RGB-L60PCB1003*10MM 60LEDs/MRGB
LED 3528 120leds DC12V/9.6W
JJ-3528R-L120PCB1003*8MM 120LEDs/MRed
JJ-3528Y-L120PCB1003*8MM 120LEDs/MYellow
JJ-3528B-L120PCB1003*8MM 120LEDs/MBlue
JJ-3528G-L120PCB1003*8MM 120LEDs/MGreen
JJ-3528WW-L120PCB1003*8MM  120LEDs/MWarm White
JJ-3528PW-L120PCB1003*8MM  120LEDs/MPure White
JJ-3528CW-L120PCB1003*8MM  120LEDs/MCool White
LED 3528 240eds double side
JJ-3528R-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MRed
JJ-3528Y-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MYellow
JJ-3528B-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MBlue
JJ-3528G-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MGreen
JJ-3528WW-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MWarm White
JJ-3528PW-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MPure White
JJ-3528CW-L240PCB1003*16MM 240LEDs/MCool White
PCB color white, black and copper available 
DC 12v or DC 24v available
Customer made available
Warranty 1-2years
Payment terms western union and T/T in advance
Nonwaterproof or IP65 or IP68 avaiable 



  1. Architectural decorative lighting

  2. Car decoration

  3. Archway,canopy and bridge edge lighting

  4. Amusement park ,theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting

  5. Emergency hallway lighting

  6. Auditorium walkway lighting

  7. Stairway accent lighting

  8. Concealed lighting

  9. Backlighting for signage letters

  10. Channel letter lighting

  11. Emergency exit path lighting

  12. Cove lighting

  13. Widely used in the illumination of empjoriums, meeting room, factory, light box ect

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Q:What is the rated current for the white patch LED?
Generally small power LED rated current is basically 20mA
Q:What is the principle used in SMD LED lamp, should pay attention to what the problem?
LED installation method 1, don't install the LED pin in 2, under the condition of deformation in printed circuit board when installing LED, circuit board hole center distance and LED pin center spacing should be the same, if the hole spacing will make the lamp feet have residual stress and welding...
Q:How many volts is a single LED on the LED patch band?
The single LED on the LED patch band is around 3.3V.LED light emitting diode, which is a nonlinear component, its operating voltage (tube pressure drop) is also different: ordinary red LED about 1.5 V; ordinary green LED about 1.8 V; bright white LED up to 3.3 V or so.
Q:LED patches have several ways of welding. Which ones can be reflow? What can be done by eutectic welding? Is the welding of viscose and lens material is required?
Of course, the reflow soldering is generally divided into three sections of six principle of oven temperature is 150 degrees, 190 degrees, 220 degrees, with a PC lens products can not reflow soldering, PC deformation at 150 degrees, can be heated by a soldering paste on the heating plate.
Q:SMD LED specification
SMD LED specification:(1) metal stent type: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and so on.(2) metal support (commonly known as small butterfly) type: 2mm, 3mm and so on.(3) TOP LED (white shell) type: 1208 (30*20), 1311 (35*28), 1312 (35*32), 2220 (55*50) and so on(4) side light LED:0905 (22*12), 1105 (28*12) 1605 (40*14) and so on.
Q:What is the difference between patch LED beads and LED beads: General
Patch is a LED lamp, 0805, SMD beads 3014, 3528, 2835, 5050, 5630, 5730 and so on.
Q:Patch LED beads can be bought in what place?
Many LED packaging plants do patch LED, you can find the relevant manufacturers to contact, or go to the local electronic components market according to your needs
Q:Welding method and notice of SMT LED
The peak reflow temperature: 260 degrees or below this temperature. (surface temperature) 2 temperature over 210 DEG C required time: 30 seconds or less than this time. 3 reflow times: no more than two times. 4 after reflow, LED needs to be cooled to room temperature before contact with colloid.
Q:What is the difference in performance between the LED plug-in and the LED patch?
The cooling of the plug-in is not good, because the plug-in's lamp foot, in order to save costs, generally use iron plus coating, heat conduction is not very good.The strength of aluminium alloy is not enough, it is easy to break, and copper is expensive.Relatively speaking, the patch is good, because the heat is welded on the PCB, copper or direct aluminum substrate cooling, patches near.Otherwise, why do high-power patch it?!SMT direct placement machine, a high degree of automation, low rate of bad.
Q:Which is good for LED patch and LED bulb?
The LED patch is the same as the LED bulbLED (light emitting diode) patch (package)The LED patch (SMD) is made of FPC circuit board, LED and high quality silica gel sleeve. Waterproof performance, using low voltage DC power supply is safe and convenient, light colors, bright colors; outdoor use can be anti UV aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance and other advantages, the products are widely used in building lights, decorative lighting, advertising and entertainment quasi decorative lighting lighting field.LED bulbWith the LED patch or LED plug-in LED (light emitting diode), series or parallel, driving power supply, making a combined shell lampshade capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light.

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