2018Top Quality Hot and Cold Water Supply PPR Copper Composite Pipe

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100000 pc/month
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Item specifice:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: CNBM

Product Description:

Product Overview

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Model Number: PE100

Specification: DN 20-mm~DN1200mm

Length: According to customer requirement

Standard: ISO

Color: many colors

Product name: Plastic Pipe

Application: house and garden

Usage: Family Decoration Industry

Certification: ISO Certificate

Feature: Lightweight

Size: Customized Size

Type: Round Pipe

Name: HDPE Plastic Pipe

Connection: Butt Fusion

Applications of PPR Pipe (white, gray):

1) Cold and hot water supply systems for civil and industrial constructions, e.g. in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, school and office buildings, ship building

2) Drinking water systems and food industry pipe works

3) Central air conditioning system

4) Irrigating system for gardens and green houses

5) Public and sport facilities such as swimming pools and stadiums

6) For rainwater utilization systems.

Product Description

1.Material :



White, Gray, Green, or as you required.




CMAX or Customized



6.Samples Time:

(1) 4-5days-If you want to customize your logo.

(2) 1day-For our existing samples for reference.

7.OEM Accepted


8.Certification available:


9.Packing Details:

Weaving Bag

10.Production Capacity:

5,000,000pcs Per month.

11.Payment Term:

(1) L/C,T/T,D/P

Product Show

2018Top Quality Hot and Cold Water Supply PPR Copper Composite Pipe

2018Top Quality Hot and Cold Water Supply PPR Copper Composite Pipe

2018Top Quality Hot and Cold Water Supply PPR Copper Composite Pipe

Main Product Features:

Large drum hub to maximize cable life

Self-activating automatic brake hold the load securely when crank handle is released

With cable or strap

Safety guard cover available

Top quality with competitive price

Widely used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane

Easy to install and high quality

Compact structure and reasonable design

Could be mounted on t he ground or wall!

Double drum!!

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Q:Chrome Vs Plastic air intake tube?
take your car and get a dyno test done ...then get a cold air intake fitted ...then retest ....results? about 1% increase ...waste of money
Q:I'm looking for a straw dispenser, just the top, not the plastic tube around it. Anyone know where to find??
off the counter at Mcdonalds
Q:can irrigation plastic tubing be used for electrical conduit in concret or cement new home construccion?
it would do the same job but...2 problems. 1: the inspector is going to fail it!!!!!!!! 2 the plastic conduit for electrical, and the tube for irrigation are two different kinds of plastic. you wont be able to glue any additional electrical fittings to the irrigation pipe. do not put the cable in the concrete itself!!!!!!!! if you ever have to replace it you will be screwed. plus dont forget uncured concrete is very caustic. the lye in it can cause copper in the wire to fail prematurely.
Q:underwater does air move faster thru metal or plastic tubing?
Assuming the tubing has the same ID, metal or plastic Underwater makes no difference UNLESS you are deep enough that the plastic tubing is compressed by the water pressure.
Q:What are those things called that guinea pigs, hamsters or, gerbles go in. they are like plastic tubes he crawl around in.?
Plastic balls (hamster balls). Please do not get one for your pet. They are scary sensory deprivation chambers. The animal doesn't get any stimulation - cannot explore the world around them. They run because they have no option. It's horrible for them and a very very very cheap and nasty 'get rid for a few minutes because I can't be bothered' attitude by the human in charge. Please do not use these - they are very cruel.
Q:gerbil won't go in plastic tubing?!?
Ha. It's a common problem, don't worry! The gerbil simply needs time to adjust. For now you need to move the food to where he is. If you're worried about him starving, don't leave the food out of reach ;] You could try putting him at the top of the tube, if is close enough to the ground to prevent accidents. He will eventually get curious, or bored of being up there, and climb down. Try that a few times a day, and eventually he will go up on his own. My gerbil boys did the same thing, and now they're tube-climbing fiends. I think they just needed to know they would not get stuck after they went up. My rescue gerbil, however, was a smart one- he immediately ran right upstairs to investigate when he got home, after not living with tubes previously. Gerbils are burrowers in the wild, so they are used to tube-like spaces by instinct. Anyway, it will just take time and patience. Gerbils are just fine with tubes going straight up and down, it is dwarf hamsters that need 45* or less, since they are so small with slightly stubbier legs. :]
Q:How do you manually level a mobile home with clear plastic tubing?
let me take a guess, because i'll be honest, when i first read your question i had no idea....... but i think i've got it. put some red drink in a tube, cap both ends, lay it on the floor, and go outside and jack up the corners untill the drink mix doesn't all flow to one side. i guess you could lay the tube the whole length of the home acting as a giant level. of course this method leaves out the whole concept of what you use to prop up the corners, but I'm pretty sure you don't use the clear tubing and kool aid for that:)
Q:Looking for Clear Plastic Tube 15mm internal and 130-150mm in length capped one end?
You need to give more detail. Rigid or flexible? Resistant to solvents? Does it have to bear any pressure? Thin walled or thick? UV stable? Cap to be gas- or liquid-tight ? Does 'clear' mean not tinted or just transparent?
Q:would you prefer plastic tubes over metal tubes I'm doing statics so i wanna know ur opnion?
depends on the use and application. would you prefer orange juice or lemon juice ? depends on your taste...... same thing. so it depens on many thing : cost, fluid to flow, medium temp, pressure, humidity, load type and so on .... good luck.
Q:Couldn't Women Pee Standing up using a Plastic tube: And why don't they do it?
im fifty six year previous female i did a week in the past it develop into unusual on the beginning up yet i in simple terms whilst yet first and left my skirt and droped my panties and in simple terms take a seat interior the urinal and pee it develop right into a splash moist yet no longer undesirable

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