2015 New PET performs and caps for blowing

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Product Description:

2015 New PET performs and caps for blowing



Product Description

PET performs and caps

1)100% new materials

2)pet preform can blowing into water bottle and carbonated bottle neck


3) High toughness


4) Different neck sizes and weight (accord with customers requirement)


5) We can produce preforms in according with customer special requirements after opening new moulds or modifying our existing moulds


6) different colors can be chose (blue, red, clear, milky, and yellow etc.)


blowing capacity150-250ml250-4000ml250-400ml400-600ml600-800ml800-1200ml1200-1500ml1200-1500ml2000-3000ml
blowing capacity150-250ml250-400ml250-400ml250-400ml400-800ml800-1200ml1200-1500ml1200-1500ml1500-2000ml



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We are specializing in the production of various specifications of PET edible oil bottle perform,mineral water bottle perform, PET wide mouth bottle perform, 3 gallons, 5 gallons of preform and various ancillary lid and handle.

The characteristics of the raw material:

The raw material is with low heavy metal content, acetaldehyde content is low, the color value, characteristic viscosity stability. 

Due to the adoption of the process recipe and unique production technology, the product has excellent processing properties, low processing temperature, processing a wide range of products, high transparency, high rate of finished products, which makes the bottle making process, high production efficiency, less degradation, acetaldehyde content is low, in order to ensure the health and safety at the same time, effectively ensure the pure water, mineral water, distilled water and taste unique to their respective.


The main production of various kinds of capacity of PET bottles, beverage bottles,mineral water bottles, PET wide mouth bottle and various small bucket drums etc.


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