200w SAA approved led flood light

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: Pure White Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  ,,,,, Power(W): 200

Product Description:

1. Specifications

SAA approved led flood light
3 black
4 Meanwell Driver Cree chip

SAA approved led flood light 3 years warranty Meanwell Driver cree led flood light 200w SAA approved led flood light

DLC/UL/cUL/SAA/C-Tick/CE/RoHS approved LED Flood Light



2. Product Feature:



1.DLC/UL/ cUL/SAA/C-Tick/CE/RoHS approved, high quality guaranteed.

2.Imported original Bridgelux or CREE chip, authorised Shenzhen based supplier.

3.MeanWell driver for all High bay.

4.Optical toughened glass for the lens, high transmission of light; strong resistant of corrosion; extremely safe.      

5.VDE/SAA/UL standard wire is included.                                   

6.Reliable quality & credit,  years warranty and 50,000 hours lifespan.

7.72Hrs Auto Aging test time, every lamp will be checked by QC before packed.

8.Fast delivery, 5-15 workdays depend on order quantity after payment confirmed.

9.Mass, small quantity order accepted, Monthly supply capacity 6000-10000pcs/ item.

10.Tough box will be designed for the items, keep the safety of goods in the transportation




3. Product Range :



UL/cUL listed 1200mm T8 Tube, E358080, 15W/16W/18W/20W/22W.

DLC listed 1200mm T8 Tube, 15W/16W/18W/20W/22W.

SAA/C-Tick listed (600/900/1200/1500mm) T8 Tube, 10W/12W/15W/18W/20W/22W/26W.

UL/cUL listed High Bay, E356779, 120W/200W.

DLC listed High Bay, 120W/150W/200W.

SAA/C-Tick approved High Bay , SAA130206, From 60W to 300W.

SAA/C-Tick approved Floodlight , SAA130573, From 5W to 120W.

CE/RoHS approved for all products 


4. pictures

200w SAA approved led flood light

200w SAA approved led flood light

200w SAA approved led flood light



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Q:How to choose LED floodlight?
The leakage current is also very important, LED floodlight is a one-way conductive luminous body, if the reverse current is called leakage, the leakage current of LED, the service life is short, the current is a little larger there can burn the bulb, so LED floodlight of this type of price is relatively low, lighting recommendations it is best not to buy this type of.
Q:According to the brightness effect, the difference between LED light projector and LED floodlight
The floodlight is also called cast light lamps, cast light lamps with different floodlight is the projection angle of light above, but now many people confuse is not a standard to distinguish between them, his light beam is more uniform, the light source is relatively concentrated on buildings or landscape objects but now, can he made.
Q:What are the color temperature of LED flood lights?
There are partial red, partial blue and so on. Different color temperature shows different colors. To put it simply, LED displays the colors in it (in white, for example). Also show pure white.Any object has the glowing color temperature, color temperature is English color temperature. Not only LED. is actually used as temperature contrast, such as high temperature, like the red is warm like fire, and the low temperature as blue as ice is cool, warm and cold temperature is only the value on the contrary, lower temperature, color the yellow is warm. The higher the temperature, the more blue color is cool.
Q:Does the LED explosion-proof floodlight work well? Can I use it in a chemical factory?
No matter how with LED lamp will not explode, our industry has not LED explosion-proof lamp that is a lie, just like someone took a stone to sell to you to tell you that the three stone is not the same as with the other will not explode, this is deceptive argument. It can be used entirely in a chemical factory. No matter what the lights are, they produce tiny arcs at the moment they are energized. As long as the use of environmental ventilation, flammable explosive flammable air in the environment to achieve the standard, there will be no accident
Q:What are the applicable ranges of LED flood lights?
The key is to look at your customer needs, specifically ask World Expo LED lighting manufacturers Sheng lighting, their engineers will give you an analysis of the very clear
Q:The working principle of LED floodlight
Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results. Floodlight is one of the most widely used light sources in the effect diagram. In the scene, many floodlights can be used together to produce better effects.
Q:What is the 50W luminous flux of LED floodlights?
The LED lamp is generally 80-100 LM / W, 50 W flux is about 4000-5000 lumens.
Q:What do you mean by "near distance attenuation" and "far distance attenuation" in 3DMAX floodlight?
Distance attenuation: used to simulate the effects of distant lights that are not shining or fading;Role: simulated light source as the distance increases, the phenomenon of natural attenuation.
Q:The difference between the gold halide lamp and the LED lamp in explosion proof floodlight
Now everyone began to use LED light source CCd297 explosion-proof floodlight, mainly energy-saving, long life, compact appearance of lamps.
Q:What kind of floodlight is used for green lighting? What brand of floodlights, good quality, great God to help!
High power LED with 1000 hours after the decay is very obvious, do not know where the power is, flood lamp metal halide lamp several times more expensive

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