20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire with Multi-Purpose

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20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire with Multi-Purpose


1. Structure of 20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire Description

‍‍Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire is made with choice mild steel, through wire drawing, wire galvanizing and other processes. Galvanized iron wire has the characteristics of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating, etc‍. 

‍‍Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire. It is mainly used in construction, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving.‍


2. Main Features of 20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire

• Antirust

• Shiny silvery color

• High strength

• Durable

• Versatile

• Good visual effect


3. 20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire Images



4. 20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire Specification

20 Gauge Electro Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire with Multi-Purpose


5. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clients, may help you sincerely

   How about your products

‍One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of wires and wire mesh, is a large-scale professional ‍‍Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire factory in China. Annually more than 10000 tons wires and wire mesh are exported to markets all over the world.Different kinds of wires and mesh are available according to customers requirements.‍


How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testOur company has good marketing network and abundant operation experience. Galvanized Iron Wire are sold to all parts of the country, at the same time, exported to Southeast Asia. The management theory is based on sincerity, keeping forging ahead. We have accumulated a whole set of marketing experience, having already become a local leader engaged in steel products.


How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of ‍‍Galvanized Steel Hobby Wire within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.








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Q:My braces wire just broke!?
There's not much you can do over the weekend... Just call first thing Monday morning so they can repair it... in the mean time be careful about what you eat... no sticky stuff, etc. Hang in there.. it'll be okay.
Q:Wiring a new electric cook top?
Hi There, This what I would do. The black and red wires from the cooktop are fine and can be connected to the black and red wires in the junction box. Check the copper wire from the stove and see where it is connected. It is probably a neutral wire used to supply 120 volts for a clock, lights or other control function. If that is the case I would exchange it for a properly sized insulated white wire. This white wire can be connected to the white wire in the junction box. Then: Connect the copper wire to a metal part of the cooktop to use as a ground wire. This wire can then be connected to the copper wire in the junction box. This would be a typical modern 4-wire 240 volt setup. Hope this helps, Al
Q:can i hook a black wire to a white wire?
I want to ask the same question as the person above.
Q:outdoor underground wiring for a flagpole spotlight?
I would use simple 12-18 Volt (low voltage) garden path lighting with a focused beam spotlight. You won't need to protect the wiring if you do that. If you use 110-120 Volt wiring, you're going to need to bury conduit to protect the wiring. The low voltage stuff is alot easier.
Q:Someone help me wire a ceiling light (please!)?
The light fixture junction box should not have an always hot wire in it. The switch box should have the always hot wire and a neutral wire. The switch may be wired wrong by being located on the neutral wire instead of the hot wire. Even if this were the case the light switch would still turn the light on and off so something else is also possibly wrong. You may have a system where the hot wire for the switch goes through the ceiling box(the magic word is through) to the switch box. You have to trace the hot wire backwards. Good luck!
Q:need to know about truck camper wiring?
The wires are as follows: 1.red= Trailer (battery 12+) wire (for trailer break-away battery) 2. white= ground 3.Green= right turn 4.yellow=left turn 5.Brown ( should not be black) is the tail lamp circuit ADDED: Ground on trailers are always white! And there is NO Black wire on a trailer harness! (if there is you will need to trace it out because someone put the wrong color wire in there!
Q:what is the difference between a phone wire and a lan wire?
A LAN wire is wider, and used for VoIP and computer network access. A phone wire is what you use for your telephone, dial-up Internet access, and DSL Internet access.
Q:How to wire fixture to switch?
Identify which wire goes where. The power in and the power out and the switch get confusing to anyone. In most cases they are all wired together and a jumper is used to wire the light. Except the return wire from the switch which is connected to the light. For a wire system using NM cable (romex) the power in is wired to the switch, the white in the switch cable is marked with black tape at each end and it is connected to the black of the power in cable the black from the switch is wired to the light, the rest of the wires are made up color to color and a short jumper is used from the whites to the light.
Q:Car speaker wire install?
Follow the old wires. It is very simple. Chances are there is nothing wrong with the old wires.
Q:how to protect attic wiring during insulation in attic?
I am not sure if you are the one who asked before or not. You have knob and tube wiring which is the original wiring that they used to wire homes in the late 1800's and early 1900's as well. This wiring does not short out like the wires do today because it is separated by the knobs they used one is hot and one is neutral. They do break and cause trouble and they do not short out to one another because they are separated. The do come together at the openings at the lights and as they go down to switches etc. but normally they were separated even the but as people climb in and out of attics and move and pull them they do get moved. Do not move them any more then you have to and do not pull them or try to move them. This wiring when done right is safe as long as it is still insulated but if you have the budget then hire an electrical contractor to replace it for you with new romex wiring. If you do not then just avoid moving it at all cost and try to avoid hitting it etc... Make sure this wire has the proper size fuse or breaker and do not use any thing larger then a 15 amp breaker or fuse on these circuits and if you have trouble blowing fuses or breakers then you need an electrician to help you split some circuits and run new ones.

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