18 Forklift oader with 20Tons

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18 Forklift Loader with 20Tons

    Features Specifications: 18 Forklift Loader
    Changchai 490 diesel engine as power (37kw) 

    1) The machine adopts hydraulic operations, which is convenient to operate, whose structure is simple, performance is good, and quality is reliable
    2) It adopts special drive axle, hydraulic transmission case and torque converterYJ240, whose winning through ability is strong


    • The loader with single rocker arm connecting rod can lift materials up to more than 16 t.
    • Powerful turbocharged thgine with 6-cylinder 4-stroke for excellent performance and high 
    torque reserve is low-oil consumption.
    • Beautiful streamlined appearance .Pressurized cabin with optional air conditioning and heating 
    system provides comfortable operation environment.
    • Four-wheel, dual-line and pliers disc brake system ensures safer and more reliable operation.
    • Double-turbo hydraulic torque converter facilitates the gear shifting for easier operation.
    • Various working equipment and shovel can meet the requirements of different customers.
    • Used as both pallet fork and bucket.

    FDM756T-18 Performance Parameter and Dimensions

    Operating Weight   


    Time of raise         


    Rated load        


    Hydraulic cycle time              


    Max. load      


    Torque converter     

    Single stage, four elements

    Traveling Speed            


    Fuel tank capacity      


    Turning angle             


    Hydraulic fuel tank capacity  






    HANGFA WD615.61AG       

    Grade ability   


    Rated power     


    Overall dimension


    Tires type          


    Optional equipment

    Ÿ Warm air blower or heat and cool air-conditioner

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