150mm2 Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor

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Product Description:

150mm2 Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor



The power cable is mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as MA, ROHS, CRCC standards, and so on.


1,Power Cable with Concentric Conductor 
2,23 years of producing 
3,braided copper core pvc Power cable Factory 

 Copper conductor or aluminum conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor :



1. Cable main conductor has low and even proper(inverse order) and zero order impedance, which benefits quality improvement for power supply;

2. Concentric conductor has the lower zero preface resistance. The benefits the sensitive action of automatic protection devices in short circuit and ensures safe operation of cable and concerned devices;

3. Concentric conductor has strong resistant characters against electromagnetic interference and thunder strike. 

Construction Diagram of power cable with concentric conductor

1.Conductor 2. Insulation 3. Filler 4. Cable-core pack a layer 5. Covering 6. Concentric Conductor 7. Sheathcore pack a layer

Type and description of power cable with concentric conductor






Nominal area mm2





Cu/AI conductor PVC insulated, concentric conductor, and PVC sheathed power cable





Cu/AI conductor XLPE insulated, concentric conductor, and PVC sheathed power cable



Cu/AI conductor PVC insulated, concentric conductor, steel tape armored, and PVC sheathed power cable





Cu/AI conductor XLPE insulated, concentric conductor, steel tape armored, and PVC sheathed power cable




150mm2 Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Power Cable with Concentric Conductor

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Q:Computer host configuration of about 1,000 yuan (preferably 1000 below) - probably as follows;
"Electrical design of civil buildings," 8.10.13; steel cable bridge straight section length of more than 30m, aluminum or glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge length of more than 15m, should be set up expansion joints. Cable bridge across the building deformation joints, should be set compensation device. The telescopic section is set for temperature change; the compensating device is to prevent settlement at the deformation.
Q:Xbox 360 S loose power supply cable - and possible voltage drop?
It's not possible to drop voltage as you said. It's either connected, or it's not. The power won't wain. It just won't work at all if not properly inserted. But if the power cord won't seat properly in a brand new console, you're still under warranty. I'd get it replaced if I were you..
USB can deliver a small amount of current to a connected device but the battery for you camera needs much more than what would be available to recharge it.
Q:Will other power cables work with my PS3?
some PS3s have usual means furnish. to comprehend which one you have you are able to desire to open it. in case you do no longer prefer to open it (and void the guaranty) - use means converter. notice: for PS3 you will prefer a minimum of four hundred Watt. As for means cable itself - relies upon on the socket on your means converter.
Q:Calculation method of wire and cable outer diameter
You are talking about the calculation of the diameter of the calculation method please refer to GB / T marine cables please refer to IEC-350 and 353
Q:PCIe Power Connector?
The card needs 2x PCIe power cables so you need to plug in both of them. Each power cable needs 2x molex, so you need to plug all 4 in. Your power supply may also have a PCIe connector anyway so you might as well use that for one of them if you have it (it can't be used for anything else anyway) and then just use 2x molex to power the other one.
Q:Where can I buy an ASUS power cable for my EEE PC Laptop?
You okorder.com/
Q:GeForce GTX 460 power cables?
If your power supply doesn't have a single PCIe Power Connector or 2 standard MOLEX(4pin) connectors to attach the adapter to I'm sure your way under powering your card. especially if your computer isn't a gaming rig or self built it probably only came with nearly the minimum power supply needed for the OEM parts already installed.
Q:Can I use the power cable to my laptop AC in countries with 240V?
usually most all computers made within the last 5 years automatically work overseas. However, don't assume that. I would think because it has a sticker.... it means that it may only take 125V so don't push it. To be safe just pick up a converter at the store. Walmart has them for about 10 dollars or less. Make sure you read the package to find out if it does change the voltage!!!
Q:I lost my power cable for my Ipod Shuffle 2nd Gen, can I use the 3rd gen shuffle power cord for the 2nd gen?
Ipod Shuffle Power Cord

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