1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality

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Product Description:


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: KCD Electric Rope Winch

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Application: Cranes

  • Capacity: 1500kg

  • Color: blue, orange or as request

  • Motor power: 2000w

  • Net Weight: 60kg

  • Wire rope diameter: 6mm

  • Lifting speed: 8-16m/min

  • lifting height: 1-100m, as request


Main Feature
The electric cable hoist is kind of light and small lifting equipment,which is easy and convenient for operation.It consists of electromotor,transmission mechanism and winding drum or chain wheel.and it can be divided into steel wire rope and loop chain elecric cable hoists.The electric cable hoist is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises,or some places that need lifting goods,such as warehouse,wharf,ect.In general,the lifting capacity of our electric hoist ranges from 100kg to 1000kg,and the lifting height ranges from 3m to 30m

Product Picture

1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality

1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality

1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality

1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality

1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality


Product parameter 

1500kg Electric Wire Rope Winch High Quality16t

MD1 wirerope electric hoist

CD1/MD1 electric wire rope hoist series is our main and advantage product, So we can surely offer you high quality but competitive price.

The capacity of CD1/MD1 electric wire rope hoist series could be 0.5-10T.

They are widely used to hoist heavy objects, or to install on the straight or curve 1-steel beam of single-girder cranes. They can also be used together with electric. hoist double-girder, gantry crane and slewing cranes. All the above has made the electrical hoists common in industrial and mine enterprises, railway, wharfs and warehouses.


To satisfy the requirement of heavy duty hoists work, our factory also produce HC-A and HC-B type electric wire rope hoists. The capacity of HC series could be 10-120T(if you need big capacity, you should choose HC)

We can design it for your requirements.

The lifting speed of CD1 type is general speed, it can satisfy the requirement of general use; The lifting speed of MD1 type has two lifting speed, general speed and slow speed. The slow speed can satisfy the requirement of precision loading and unloading, examine and repair machine tool etc. precision work. Therefore, the useful scope of MD1 is wider than CD1 type.


Our Service
1.We can make special sample according to the customer’s requirement.
2. We have more than 60 professional technical team, provide best after-sales service
3. Fast delivery time
4. We have CE, ISO9001 and GS certification.



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