11r 22.5 truck tires, EMPIRE TIRE,Chao Yang TIRES

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 11r 22.5 truck tires, EMPIRE Tyres,Chao Yang TIRES



We are the most professional tyre solutions suppliers

1. Pattern Character :


* Tire usage condition: The highway type pattern applies to good roads, including highways and roads.

* Tread properties: Optimization of the design of the tread rubber formulation, four wide longitudinal tread grooves

*Vehicle usage characteristics: Applies to passenger all-wheel-bit truck-oriented, tugboat wheel bit.

* Product structure: Structure of four belt layers





Number of pliesLoad indexMaximum load

Corresponding air pressure
Wheel rim
Allow using wheel rimNew tire design size(mm)
Section widthOuter diameter
Single tireDouble-tireSingle tireDouble-tireRoad typeTraction type


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Q:How high is the tire pressure of the bus?
If the car factory does not have special regulations, it will not need special adjustment in winter or summer. Of course, it is recommended that you measure the tire pressure in the normal temperature environment.
Q:How does the video bus wait for validation members?
I registered, received mail, and then openedThere's only a few composing lines for the mail:Dear XXX, you have been registered as a member of the video game Bus Forum. Please comply with the laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the forum. I wish you a pleasant exchange in the forum!
Q:Do you need to change the gas nozzle at the same time? How about the replacement of the old tyres?
Compressed valve clamp-in valve and buckle valve snap-in valve.4, according to the core cavity size: ordinary core cavity, valve ordinary, core, chamber, valve and large core cavity valve large, core, chamber, valve.5, according to the valve core points: British mouth dunlop/woods valve, American mouth Schrader valve, French mouth Presta valve, German mouth and Italian mouth.
Q:How to check the production date Bridgestone tire
All tyres produced in 2000 or later, their identification number (TIN), and the last four digits represent the number of weeks and years of tyre production. Of these four figures, the first two digits represent the number of weeks of production, and the last two digits represent the year of production. The last four digits of TIN, for example, are 1005, which means that tyres will be produced in the tenth week of 2005, and DOTXXXXXXX1005 will be displayed on the tire side.
Q:How many types of automobile tires
Divided by tyre usage:The car tire is installed in the car tire, it is mainly used for road speed exercise, more than the maximum speed of up to 200 km / hour, requirement of ride comfort, low noise, has excellent maneuverability and stability. Most of the tire structure adopts meridian structure. According to the speed requirements are divided into different series, in the standard and manual are common, 95 and 88 Series for skew tires, 80, 75, 70, 65 series for radial tires.
Q:What is the difference between truck tires and car tires?
There are 3 types of heavy duty tyres, one is all steel tires, such as trucks, trucks, engineering vehicles (such tires need inner tubes), etc., and half of them are semi steel tires, such as long distance buses (such as no inner tubes)
Q:Electric car tire valve broken, how to repair ah?! Urgent!
The electric car tire valve broken without repair, replacement tube, or barely patched up with is no end of trouble for the future.
Q:Attention to the inflating pump of automobile tyres
3, this machine only uses DC DC12V 14A power supply. If you want to use AC, you must add transformer.4, please do not exceed the unusual use, namely continuously to many tires inflate. Don't charge more than 2 tires each time. Otherwise it will cause the machine to overheat and burn out the internal parts.
Q:In World War II, there was an armored car with wheels in front and a track behind them
The German SD kfz251 half track armoured personnel carrier, which was supposed to be a battleground bus, was equipped with German vehicles in 1939, a total of 23 types of morphing vehicles
Q:Longitudinal patterns in automobile tires, especially heavy truck tires
The groove of the pattern is the same as the circumference.1, advantages: low rolling resistance, not easy to slip, can provide good handling stability, because in the running process of low heat, can show good high speed performance, low noise, good ride comfort.2 disadvantages: poor braking performance and stability of the wetland, and prone to cracking under load.

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