0.6/1kv 2core XLPE Insulated Steel Tape Armoured PVC Sheathed Electrical Power Cable

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Product Description:

0.6/1kv 2core XLPE Insulated Steel tape Armoured PVC Sheathed Electrical Power Cable 





This cable is suitable for use in fixed installation with rated voltage 0.6/1 kv Electricity transmission and distribution lines. Can be use  in both indoor and outdoor.

For use in laying indoors, in tunnels, in underground ducts, in conduits or buried directly. Can withstand mechanical damage but couldn't withstand pull force.



Conductor:plain annealed electrolytic copper(Hard drawn aluminum available)

Insulation: XLPE

Filler: PP rope/tape

Wrap Tape: Non-woven fabrics

Bedding: PVC

Armour: steel tape armoured

Outer sheath: PVC

Color: Black

(  Note: XLPE: crosslinked polyethylene,  PP: polypropylene,  PVC:  Polyvinyl chloride  )



  1. Electrolytic conductor, class 2  (Circular compacted copper/ aluminum)

  2. Max. temperature of conductor for long-term continious woking: <=90ºC

  3. Max. working temperature in case of short-circuit: <=250ºC ( max. time 5s ) 

  4. Meter by meter marking

  5. Chemical and oil resistance: excellent

  6. Abrasion resistance: excellent

  7. Flame retardant

Installation Underground

  1. Circumstance temperature when installation: >=0 ºC

  2. Minimum bending radius:

    Single-core cable: 20(D+d)±5%(mm)

    Multi-core cable: 15(D+d)±5%(mm)

    ( Note: D: Actual external diameter of cable,   d: Actual external diameter of conductor )

  3. The cable could be laid without the limit of  altitude difference

Installation in the Air

  1. The center distanceof paralledl laying single-core cables: 

    cross sectional ares<=185mm2: 2*Dmm (D: diameter of cable)

    cross sectional ares<=240mm2:  90mm

  2. Circumstance temperature: 40  ºC


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Q:how to keep my kitten from chewing electrical wires that are plugged into outlets?
Double sided tape is awesome for kittens, they hate the stickiness. It's also great to put on your couches where they like to scratch.
Q:People experienced with outdoor home wiring.?
Can't you just use wire nuts and those hammer-in staples to secure it?
Q:How to disconnect electrical wiring when replacing driver's door on 1994 Ford Explorer?
you can splice the wires and use longer wires to reattach. most the time if you can get a long flat head screw driver down their they are plastic holders that hold them, pry them off and you should get more length.
Q:Decoration when the purchase of water pipes, wires and other items included in the account
There are HDMI interface, no speaker display, not necessarily have audio output
Q:can I move an electrical outlet box without re-wiring?
Yes, you can do it. You just need to be sure that the wires inside the box are correctly and tightly connected when you're done.
Q:What are the physical properties iron in car bodies and copper in electrical wires?
pure iron cannot be used since highly pure iron has low strength of 150 mega pascals.steel can be used in car bodies (plain steel is an alloy of iron and carbon). Steel with low Carbon content (ex: mild steel) is used and alloy steels can also be used. it has to be ductile and high fracture toughness. Good tensile strength is needed. For the copper to be used as electrical wires it has to be 99.7% pure. After copper is drawn to thin wires, it looser conductivity so it has to annealed to get back conductivity.
Q:Electrical Wiring. Help joining two different wires.?
Just what are you trying to supply power to? Red and Blue are typically hot wires, White for neutral and Green is for ground in home circuitry. Black is for hot and brown is neutral going to ground on motorcycles and vehicles. Don't remember ever seeing brown wires for home circuits. If messing with a ceiling fan then attach the Red, Blue and Black together, then the White with the Brown. The Green should attach to a screw bolt on the fan hanger. Then turn on the switch to see if it works or goes snap, crackle and pop. You need to explain just what you're messing with for a more concise answer.
Q:Landlord won't have an electrician check electrical wiring in my apartment???
quite possibly could be a bigger problem. i highly recommend getting renters' insurance if you do not already have a policy. then, if something were to really go wrong you won't lose everything. with that said, she should follow up on your request to have the wiring checked. although i have known some shady landlords who have handled situations similarly, only for me to find out they knew the problem was much deeper all along. that may be the case in your situation, she may know that she needs to drop alot in repairs, and simply doesn't want that extra expense right now. the laws vary from state to state, but you do have rights! call the better business in your city, they will know the local laws. i hope i was helpful!
Q:Low-voltage distribution lines (three-phase or single-phase) single-core cable should not be worn alone in the metal tube
The problem is two questions . first explain why the wire cut inside why there are many things like gray, because the insulated wire core is PVC insulation, in the course of aging, the inside of the agent decomposition, or inside the filling In the use of a long time after the brittle aging will become dust, that is, the inside of the wire is actually due to the aging of the internal material. . the copper wire is very brittle, the first copper rod in the production of copper is very brittle when the strength is high, but the toughness is poor, the need for annealing to make copper wire becomes toughness becomes low, easy to pull and mass production, if the landlord Think this copper wire is very easy to break, you may not be in line with the national standard of the wire or the production process is not in place for annealing, for reference only.
Q:House Electrical Wires: Red, White, And Green?
Be careful, as you never know what wires were hooked to what. That convention sounds right, but not everyone follows convention. Yes, the green is ground, and it usually connected to a green screw in the appliance meant for that purpose.

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