0.6/1kv 2core XLPE Insulated Steel Tape Armoured PVC Sheathed Electrical Power Cable

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Product Description:

0.6/1kv 2core XLPE Insulated Steel tape Armoured PVC Sheathed Electrical Power Cable 





This cable is suitable for use in fixed installation with rated voltage 0.6/1 kv Electricity transmission and distribution lines. Can be use  in both indoor and outdoor.

For use in laying indoors, in tunnels, in underground ducts, in conduits or buried directly. Can withstand mechanical damage but couldn't withstand pull force.



Conductor:plain annealed electrolytic copper(Hard drawn aluminum available)

Insulation: XLPE

Filler: PP rope/tape

Wrap Tape: Non-woven fabrics

Bedding: PVC

Armour: steel tape armoured

Outer sheath: PVC

Color: Black

(  Note: XLPE: crosslinked polyethylene,  PP: polypropylene,  PVC:  Polyvinyl chloride  )



  1. Electrolytic conductor, class 2  (Circular compacted copper/ aluminum)

  2. Max. temperature of conductor for long-term continious woking: <=90ºC

  3. Max. working temperature in case of short-circuit: <=250ºC ( max. time 5s ) 

  4. Meter by meter marking

  5. Chemical and oil resistance: excellent

  6. Abrasion resistance: excellent

  7. Flame retardant

Installation Underground

  1. Circumstance temperature when installation: >=0 ºC

  2. Minimum bending radius:

    Single-core cable: 20(D+d)±5%(mm)

    Multi-core cable: 15(D+d)±5%(mm)

    ( Note: D: Actual external diameter of cable,   d: Actual external diameter of conductor )

  3. The cable could be laid without the limit of  altitude difference

Installation in the Air

  1. The center distanceof paralledl laying single-core cables: 

    cross sectional ares<=185mm2: 2*Dmm (D: diameter of cable)

    cross sectional ares<=240mm2:  90mm

  2. Circumstance temperature: 40  ºC


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