0.5HP QB60 Vortex Electrical Concrete Mixer Pump

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Product Description:


1.Agricultural irrigation 
2.Extraction of groundwater 
3.Low pressure pump 
4.Copper wire 


0.5HP QB60  vortex electric water pump


QB vortex pump series are qualified in domestic fittings, to increase the distribution by small autoclave tanks or by hydrosphere units. For the correct function of the pump, use clean water or non-aggressive liquid only, without sand or other solid impurity. QB series are suitable for domestic applications, such as supply water from well, pool etc. It is also suitable for water pressure boosting gardening and automatic Water supplying system if composed with other appliances.


  • Compact construction

  • Very economical, reliable, safe and easy operation and maintenance.

  • High head, steady flow and low power consumption

  • Pump has peripheral impeller containing numerous radial blades on its edge.

  • Perfect for eater transfer and long running jobs, this unit provides constant delivery over hours of use.

  • Compact design with mountable feet is just the thing for permanent installations

  • It is designed for home use, well or pool pumping, garden sprinkling, irrigation and garden applications etc.

 Working Conditions:

  • Max. Medium temperature up to +40°C

  • Max. Ambient temperature up to +40°C

  • Medium free from granules or anything that may damage the pump

  • Total suction lift up to 9mt

  • Continuous duty


  • Two-pole induction motor(n=2850r.p.m)

  • Insulation Class B

  • Protection IP44


  • Model: QB60

  • Power: 370W/0.5HP

  • Max. Capacitor (L/min): 35

  • Max: Head (m): 35

  • Max: Suction (m): 9

  • Speed (r.m.p): 2850

  • Pump dia (mm): 25X25

  • Inlet/Outlet pipe size: 1 inch

  • Power: single-phase Voltage 240, frequency 50 Hz


Standard data and equipment: single phase 220V/50Hz, brass impeller, carbon steel motor shaft, with terminal protector inside. Other model and material such as three phase, 110V/60Hz, dual voltage, stainless steel shaft ect, will be available upon request.


QB600.370.5353591"  X 1"
QB700.550.75455091"  X 1"
QB800.751505591"  X 1"

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Q::::::::::::Bad Water Pump Maybe..help please:::::::?
if you can wobble the pump shaft the pump is going bad but w/o leaking it really should leak first. get the engine to operating temp and from under the hood rev the motor at a steady speed to see if you have a hose sucking shut also check your rad pressure cap it just might not be releasing the pressure at the proper temp. good luck
Q:Solar panel requirement to run 1 HP water pump?
Does a great job of increasing global warming as well, as the waste energy becomes what = HEAT!
Q:Relationship between pump voltage and lift?
This is the world's Grundfos pump, if the pump itself support work under the 414V if it didn't need to worry about traffic and Yang Cheng, if the pump does not support the long time operation of the pump must lift and flow impact, and the multi-stage pump if it is Gao Yangcheng in the use of low lift it is also easy to burn the motor,
Q:what kind of pump can pull water from 50ft away?
A water suction style pump can only pull at maximum , 30 ft vertical (more like 25 with inefficiencies). You didn't specify if it was 50 ft vertical distance up the hill or just 50 ft from the pond on a grade with maybe a smaller than 25ft vertical height difference. If it is less than 25 you can use the cheap centrifugal pumps or diaphragm pumps located at the house. By far it is a better choice to use a pump at the pond to push the water uphill instead of pulling it. A cheap submersible sump pump (less than $70, for a 1/3 hp electric, like a Wayne or something) will pump uphill no problem and doesn't draw much current. If you want to keep the line continuously pressurized you will need a pressure tank in your house and a pressure switch to shut off the pump once it gets to predetermined psi setting If you have a true vertical 50ft distance you might want to install a positive displacement submersible pump in the pond. The more I think about it, the more I think a centrifugal pump (the cheapest design) would have a difficult time pumping 50 ft uphill. So go with a positive displacement style, the same type they put in wells. With the pump put directly in the water you don't have to prime the pump each time you start it either. These pumps do run several hundred dollars though
Q:Small 12v Water Pump for Air Mister...........................................................................?
The ac converters are 12V rectifiers so just use the pump (wire to a battery) without the converter or check with motor home repair place
Q:Does my 10 story building need water pump?
the pump may have been required before the city up graded their water system. and now it may not be required. but if it were me ? i would replace the pump . Then continue to use the bypass. the reason is , because one day for various reasons the public water pressure could suddenly drop. And then you will and emergency. or at least buy the pump and store it .. So if this ever happens you just need to pay to have it installed. This way you are prepared for what will prob happen someday. but 10 stories ! i am with you . i would think you need a pump to do that.
Q:H2o pump?? how u know when its not working?
The engine will overheat if it's not working at all.
Q:water pump for cabin?
The way wells work is there's a pump at the bottom. It pumps water into a holding tank that has a diaphragm separating water from an air charge. There's also a pressure sensor switch that kicks the pump on when the pressure in the water tank drops below 40 PSI and shuts it off when it reaches 60 PSI. Well water systems don't just run the pump constantly, or they would burn up. What you want to do is use your storage tank as a source. Pump that into a smaller holding tank from a well water system so that when you run the water you run it from the pressure in the holding tank. When the pressure is low enough the main tank pump will pump up the pressure in the holding tank back to 60 PSI and shut off again. It's well worth it to make sure you don't have leaks. Otherwise your main tank will end up empty and the pump will run on and on. Which is another thing you have to watch for. You can install a float level switch so that if the water in the main tank drops below a certain level it shuts the pump off. AND you can also have it switch a warning light on so you know when the big tank is empty. Hope this helps. '')
Q:is it safe to drive without a water pump?
Not unless you intend to spent about 4 days walking the 19 1/2 hours that will be left of your trip after the engine seizes up.
Q:Water Pump bearings went bad?
well they do go bad but not very offen.. and really no need to flush if your going to replace it .. nothing to worry over

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