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Sourcing List

Chemical Composition(%): CU:1.5-3.5, SI:9.6-12, MG:≤0.3, ZN:≤1.0, FE:≤0.9, MN:≤0.5, NI:≤0.5, SN:≤0.1, PB:≤0.2, Cr≤0.3, TI≤0.2
Package: 5kg/piece, 500kg/bundle
Quantity: 500-1000MT/month
Product Name: ALUMINIUM UBC INGOTS GRADE RSI3104 (Aluminum Purity: 96%-98%)
Chemical Composition(%): Si≤0.3%, Fe≤0.6%, Cu≤0.2%, Mn≤1.0%, Mg≤1.3%, Zn≤0.25%, Li≤12ppm, Na≤5ppm, Ga≤0.05%, As≤0.01%
Package: 7-8kg/piece, 180pcs-192pcs/2pcs pallet/bundle
Quantity: 500-1000MT/month
Product Name: Kraft Paper
Country of origin: Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Canada, U.S.A.
Grammage: 115g/m2 -400g/m2
Width: 790mm-2500mm
Product Name: Corrugated paper
Country of origin: Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Canada, U.S.A.
Bursting Strength: 560-590kpa
Edge Crush Strength: 2.5-3.0KN/m
Ring-Crush Strength: 190-200N
Moisture: 6-10%
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