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Q: What are the requirements to apply for credit services?
A: Once an OKorder user reaches a level 3A rating, and provides the appropriate application information, they are eligible to apply for membership and enjoy the service.
Q: After the credit service application is submitted, how long does it take to receive a reply?
A: 10 business days.
Q: When applying for Credit Services, is there a credit limit?
A: The credit limit is based on the applying company, their relationship with OKorder, transaction history, products, orders, and more. The specific amount required will be determined after a comprehensive assessment of these results.
Q: Under what circumstances can one apply for a Credit Purchasing membership?
A: Under the following conditions: 1. Delivery time is later than the agreed upon date; 2. The quality of the goods in question (the responsibility of the supplier) is suspect.
Q: How does one apply for Credit Purchasing?
A: Log into the Member Account, enter Customer Center - Financial Services - Credit Purchasing Application. Fill out and submit the relevant information to OKorder.
Q: What is the Credit Purchasing application process?
1. A product fails to arrive according to the contract schedule, and with a customer receipt, and purchased with an order amount of X%.
2. Product quality issues, accompanied by relevant evidence attesting to supplier liability. Within 15 calendar days of receipt, provide product photographs and a third party quality inspection report to OKorder. OKorder will provide payment as determined as soon as possible, according to order details and situation.
Q: What is the Credit Purchasing service payment ratio?
A: Specific payment amounts will vary according to individual situations.
Q: Under what circumstances will a Credit Purchasing application be denied?
1. Supplier product liability corruption problems
2. The payment application period is 15 calendar days after receipt; applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.
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