When building a tile shower. On walls, can I use poly behind cement board and redguard on top?? Too Much??
Tile council of America calls for a vapor barrier behind the cement board ..The red guard ...
Can the cement board plaster directly?
Equal to 20mm can be set in the wall waterproofing mortar waterproof, if more than 20mm ca...
can i put ceramic tile on top of luan board in kithen and will it stick or would i have to use cement board or?
You can do anything. But you should not do this. Use wonder board for tile. Dur Rock. Cem...
Unique situation....What is the best way to install cement backerboard on my bathroom floor?
Fill it with thin-set. There won't be any pressure applied along the wall. Fill with thin-...
Is the fiber cement board harmful to the human body?
At present, most of the manufacturers of reinforced materials are made of rock wool, and r...
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