ZX7-400S 500S 630S IGBT Inerter DC Arc Welding Machine

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ZX7-400S/500S/630S IGBT Inerter DC Arc Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: ZX7630S

· Arc Current: 40-630A

· Pulse Frequency: 50/60

· Pilot Arc Current: 630A

· Rated Duty Cycle: 60%

· Dimensions: 690*334*586

· Usage: Industry & Heavy industry

· Voltage: 3-380V

· Certification: ISO9001:2008; CCC

· Color: Gray

· Weight: 57kgs


1. Adopting world’s leading soft switch technology, effectively prolong the service life.

2. Dual IGBT Module, components’ features correspondent well with technical date, high reliability during welding.

3. Key control units adopt “three proofing” treatment process, strengthen proof against moisture, salt spray and dust.

4. Arc striking and thrust current can be stepless regulated, suitable to different welding technique.

5. With under voltage, over voltage, over current, over heat protection, high reliability.            

6. True arc detect circuit, effectively compensating current decay, weld cable can be lengthened to 50 meters

7. MMA630S can be used as source for Electroslag Pressure Welding equipped with fixtures, improve the utilization

Technical Data





Input Voltage(V)




Rated Input Capacity(KVA)








Rated Input Current(A)




No-load Voltage(V)




Output Current Range(A)




Rated Working Voltage(V)




Rated Duty Cycle(%)




Full-load Efficiency(%)




Full-load Power Factor




Shell Protection Class












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Q:What is the duty cycle on the argon arc welding machine panel?
Duty cycle refers to the ratio of the time of the pulse signal to that of the energizing period. In a sequence of ideal pulses (such as Fang Bo), the ratio of the duration of the positive pulse to the total period of the pulse.The duty cycle (Duty, Ratio) has the following meanings in the telecommunication field:For example: pulse width 1 s, signal cycle 4 s pulse sequence, duty cycle is 0.25. The ratio of the time occupied by a pulse to the total time in a continuous working period. In CVSD modulation (continuously variable slope delta), the average ratio of bits (1) is not complete.In a periodic phenomenon, the ratio of the duration of a phenomenon to the total time. For example, there is a phrase in the idiom: "three days fishing, two days net drying", if five days as a cycle, "fishing" of the duty cycle is 3/5.The control precision of modern automobile more and more high, especially in the electronic control system, implementation of some common switching devices previously used by the modern car has been unable to meet the control requirements, such as EGR system, idle speed control system, fuel evaporation control system etc.. Precisely, the duty should be called electronic pulse width modulation technology than the control, it is to add pulse width modulation in the execution of the work voltage signal components in a certain frequency through the electronic control device, in order to achieve the implementation of components working state control precision, continuous control. In recent years, the linear EGR system adopted by Shanghai GM Buick car is actually using this technology to realize the linear switching function of the EGR valve. Then why will the electronic pulse width modulation technique called duty ratio control technology, in fact, the duty ratio of the pulse width modulation control is extended, the duty ratio is controlled by a circuit connected to the percentage of the whole circuit cycle time.
Q:What causes leakage when welding argon arc welding machine?
The casing is not grounded or grounded. You don't wear insulating gloves or insulating shoes in the space with relatively high humidity.
Q:What effect the quality of Andre micro argon arc welding machine?
Can check on Baidu, mainly to see how word-of-mouth?,
Q:Can argon tungsten arc welding be regarded as manual arc welding machine?
Argon tungsten arc welding argon tungsten arc welding support dual function electrode arc welding, TIG welding can be welding rod arc welding stall switch arc welding position of electrode arc welding welding operation.Single tungsten argon arc welding machine can not be used for electrode arc welding. The two principles work differently.Tungsten arc welding usually uses high frequency arc ignition, lower working voltage to reduce electrode (tungsten) burning;The electrode hand welding adopts the short circuit arc striking (striking, striking or striking the arc), which needs relatively high welding voltage, melting electrode (welding rod) for welding.
Q:Argon arc welding machine without water cooling. Can I use water welding torch?
To see your current use, even if the interface is the same, do not recommend, water-cooled argon welding torch cable diameter of not more than 18 square, and 315 machines etc should be equipped with more than 35 square wire
Q:What is the difference between argon arc welding machine and welding machine?
Argon arc welding machine can weld stainless steel
Q:What brand of portable argon arc welding machine is good?
Reallink Christie a little better, and the sun is industrial welding machine, okuta boss, so the civil small welder should also be a good.
Q:400 DC argon arc welding machine, I'm going to buy a reallink in Taobao online! Just don't know what the credibility is!
You can buy tangwangshan
Q:Can the ZX7-400B be used as an argon arc welding machine?
Huabao welding specializing in the production of multi-function inverter welding machine, including manual welding, argon arc welding machine. Full digital software control to regulate welding function and parameters. The model is HB400-12, and 315 and 500anp.The retail price HB400-12 is 7100 yuan. Contact local dealer.You should not be multi-functional, you can only do argon arc welding, but not professional.Your neighbor's machine has an argon arc interface, and not necessarily argon arc. It's probably the manufacturer's manual and argon arc machine. In order to save costs, manufacturers may make the shape, interface and so on, manual welding is also it, argon arc welding is also it. Just look at the model ZX7, it should be only manual welding. The 400 is the maximum current, which is not related to argon arc and argon arc.
Q:Argon arc welding machine is used to weld 1.0mm stainless steel plate welding machine. What is the current and what is the argon gas?
You can adjust the use of welding needle is the problem, to sharpen, flat welding, face to face, welding needle and porcelain mouth flat or concave into a little,When the welding angle is included, the welding needle protrudes 1 millimeters of the porcelain mouth, grasps the degree, and also releases the stuck gas before releasing the welding by pressing the hand switchWelding the workpiece again, the current can be a little bit bigger, 160A, a little bit, you will do it

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